Obama talks tough on guns...

Obama-tough-talkYou have to hand it to the American people… We are nothing if not predictable.

Just over a month following the heartbreaking murders in Newton, Conn President Obama- flanked by Vice President Biden and a fleet of kid shaped props (or kids, if you want to be a stickler for facts)- stood before the American people and decreed that American needs to do something about gun violence.

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Marijuana doesn't make you dumber (but booze does...)

marijuana-pot-reefer-weed-dope-poster-flag-signCancer fighter, pain reliever, maker of a less boring evening… It seemed that the only thing marijuana couldn’t do was make you smarter…

Hell, from what the Government and their slaves in Law Enforcement, marijuana actually makes you stupider. And for the most part, I thought it so- blaming my rampant marijuana use during the formative years for my inabilities to find a mole in chemistry, work out the Pythagorean theorem, or tell you what manner of creature a marsupial is.

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Syrian beheadings at the hands of babes...

Parental-control-and-Advisory-330x263From time to time, this site likes to stop focusing on all the carnie nonsense that we like to tell ourselves is "how the world ends" and focus our gaze upon what will eventually end Humanity's grip at the top of the food chain...

Islamic Extremism and their inability to just behave.

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We're Number 12! We're Number 12!

broken-americaI think in light of recent National tragedies, and the predictable post tragedy knee jerk to the same tired debates because both sides are too full of shit to see that they both need to do some soul searching, I think we need to take a second to breath and revel in a little of that Patriotic goo that binds us all together.

Ready???Now say it with me….

We’re number 12! We’re number 12!

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Clinton and Carter claim Drug War a failure...

willieIn a new documentary aimed at bringing to light the utter failure of the global War on Dugs(available for free online) called Breaking the Taboo, President Clinton (who is one of the many former and current world leaders being interviewed in this film)admits to the glaring short comings in the American Drug Policy.

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Gay Marriage....

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