An Interview with Nancy Lieder...

cassyIn Greek Mythology, there is a story of a woman named Cassandra was cursed to have the ability to be able to know how the future unfolded yet have no one believe her when she made her prophesies only to have them come true. 

So is the fate of Nancy Lieder. 

To the unknowing eye, Lieder would appear in every way to be your run of the mill, middle aged house wife.  But that couldn't be further from the truth...

From an early age, Nancy Lieder has been in constant communication (both physical and telepathically) with a group of nancy-1extraterrestrials known to her (and us) only as the Zetas.  Over the years, the Zetas have given Nancy many messages about a myriad of things- from Stonehenge to Bigfoot- as well as made some starting predictions about the changes we are experiencing on Earth and the passing of Planet X... all of which she has been documenting on her Zetatalk website since 1995.

She recently had a discussion with our very own Thom Acee about a medley of topics, including the passing of Planet X, devastating Earth changes, and an underground alien hybridization program.

Join us, won't you...

The Nancy Lieder Interview

Nancy, it is good of you to give u this chance to chat.

Before we get to the message, let's flesh out the messenger a little if you will.  Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  What was your life like before you got contacted?

Well actually I was contacted as a child, my estimate maybe 7, 8 years old.  Out in the woods I would see little Zetas popping out from behind the trees.  And I was always very close to nature, loved it; [I would run around] barefoot, like a little tomboy climbing trees, down there catching frogs.  They would pop out there just like any little wild creature and I didn't feel them threatening.  Ever since then we have been contacting each other frequently.

My role as a communicator, spreading this message, was one that I chose because the humans choose contact; the humans choose their role, but the alien visitors may or may not choose to support a human in their role. I got support.  And because it was so successful, the Zeta Talk website and message rolling around the world in all different countries and being translated into different languages, they had to actually shuffle their priorities and put more people behind Zeta Talk.

How did you start receiving these messages?  Is it psychic imagery or do they talk to you like we are?

Actually it is sort of like daydreaming... Daydreaming but with a conversation.  It’s not that you hear a voice; it's not like schizophrenia, hearing a voice in your head.  it is actually like a thought that pops into my head but it's conversational- you can go back and forth, say ask a question about the concept and get a response and I am absolutely certain that it is not me because this has been verified with so many times that they have delivered scientific information that man didn't even know about and after I published it on the website it would come out that the Zetas were right and Mankind would say "oh we NOW know that..."  Kind of like correcting the flat Earth concept.

We humans are not the brightest... Our visitors are much brighter than we are... much more educated and so therefore it could not have been Nancy.  I could give you specific examples.

If you could, please...

One of them is... I did have math in high school but I don't use math in my daily activities nor in my career so therefore I don't speak math, other than simple algebra.  But In any case, the issue came up about this rogue planet that comes through to cause pole shifts every three thousand six hundred years or so...

Planet X...

planetx-2Planet X, Nibiru... it goes by different names.  It is with us now, near the sun.

Ya know, the giant hominoids that live on there who used to hope over to the earth to mine gold and built the Great Pyramids, built the Sphinx... brutalized young Man.  Our culture was very primitive compared to theirs those thousands of years ago and they were known as the "Gods of Mount Olympus", the Visigoths.

They instituted the cruelty against man... tear the hearts out and the like as a way of intimidating Man to go into the gold mines and "mine for us".  El Dorado... They had an obsession with gold because they needed it for their traveling planet which is a smoldering brown dwarf.  It’s actually something that’s not even in the definition that human astrophysics have because it's not bigger than Jupiter, about to become a sun. It's not gaseous.  It is a planet and it emits light as well as heat from its core.

So the hominoids had to be giants. [They] Were eight foot high, their bone and muscles went along with it.  It’s not a growth hormone- skinny, tall thing that we sometimes have in humans. They are just stocky- big.  And so the issue came up over what’s the size and the gravity pull of their planet if it's bigger than Earth.  And the Zetas had me say it is fifty percent greater than on Earth.  In other words, 1.5 [times] the gravity pull of Earth. Well somebody wrote back to me and said "Well wait, that don't make sense.  If it has a mass twenty three times that of Earth, wouldn't that make the gravity pull twenty three times more?" and I said "Oh boy, that doesn't seem logical, does it."  And then I found out through this continuing conversation that in fact the computation that Man was already aware of would put their gravity pull at 1.6 times the gravity pull of Earth.  I had no notion of that computation.  I had no notion of that when I gave that Zeta  answer.  And this is the type of thing I do every day, every week so that I know that it's proof positive.  Live interviews this is done.  On the air, on the radio, ect.

So it's not Nancy who only had a high school degree.  She's not dumb, but she's not educated.  It is the Zetas that talk.  

So they are talking to you all the time, essentially?

Yea, it is kind of like having somebody in the room.  I got a cat sitting on my PC monitor right now looking at me... she likes to hang around.

Telepathic conversations are like that.  It’s continuous, sort of like chatting with a family member that's in the house.

So it's like a fluid conversation that never starts or stops.  It’s just always there...

That's right.  And where there are formalities, like when I have a question and answer session weekly that I post answers to, we actually arrange time for that .  I say "well, what do you wanna do ...  wanna do the geology questions this session" and then they assemble geologists- their geologists and sociologists.  And some of them are obviously poets.  They have their specialties, same way we do.


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