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I had read something about that on the internet as well... something about our magnetosphere is weakening and no one knows why...

Yea, this is real dramatic.  You know there is a deforming part to the south of the Boshock and NASA says "oh it's four times the size of the Earth". Well guess what?  This planet is four times the diameter of Earth!  It is so clearly a magnetic influence between the Earth and the Sun because the Sun will be completely asleep most times- no sun spots, no nothing- and we get all this strange twisting where the Earth's magnetosphere show that it is losing its South Pole and it's all twisted like spaghetti and very dramatic. 

There's a blog, Poleshifting, that talks about this.  They almost daily have what's going on there.  And on my website I have a lot of that too. It’s known to people who are looking at this... that's there's no correlation with what's going on around the Sun, but NASA won't tell you that.

Getting back to the Pole Shift, it is when this planet - which ends up trapping us like a dear in a headlight in front of it, which we are already trapped in front of it- slings over our head with all kinds of twisting and turning, the "Three Days of Darkness", that type of thing.  Rotation of the Earth actually stops.

it gets us in a magnetic and a gravitational grip, primarily gripping the [North] Atlantic Rift- which is a big surface magnet on the surface of the Earth- and then when it flies over head, it pulls the South Pole up and pushes the North Pole away- you know magnets don't like North Poles pointing at each other- and the crust and the core both move and because  it is such a violent move that within an hour the core breaks away from the crust and keeps moving but the Crust kind of stays where it was shoved and the core swims around and turns- you know it can swim there in the magma- the upright end where it sits in there. So this year it's going to be- no not this year but when this time comes, when it happens I dunno months or a couple of years- it's gonna be horrific.

So we have a ninety percent switch with Antarctica and the Arctic will be on the equator, Alaska, ya know, very tropical.  Europe will be almost on the Equator, ect.

Couple other places that were more tropical- like India or just below the bulge in Brazil-are going to be very cold.

This sounds like something out of a disaster film...

Well actually they have a lot of disaster films that have been hinting at this.  They talk about aspects of it, like water worlds- where suddenly the water is too high- or there's a volcano erupting in the middle of LA or 2012 and the Sun explodes. 

knowing6It's always the Sun, like in  Knowing also... "Oh the Sun is going to explode".  But they never talk about a passing planet because it would be too close to the truth and they are not allowed to.  There has been a huge National Security cover up about talking about the fact that NASA knows about this planet, they are watching it all the time.  they tracked it, they went up and took a look at it in infra red, above the atmosphere with an infra red balloon in 1983 and this even hit the front page [of the] Washington Post in 1983.

I have that article on my website.  You can get it if you  go to the library and look in the microfiche. December 31, 1983, front page at the bottom of the page, Washington Post... There it is.

And t hen the cover-up snapped in and they [NASA] said "oh never minid, never mind... We didn't find it."

So there's a cover up.  You can't [talk about it]...

The earth is currently wobbling, the moon and the Sun are not in the right place often.  The moon is way off.  At noon and full it's where it should be but the other two times its way too south or way too north and people notice this.

They put up YouTube videos like crazy about this.  But you don't hear about it on the evening news.  There’s a huge cover-up.

Some people see two suns rising or setting because the dust clouds on this planet (Planet X)is coming outbound towards us from the Sun.  Even in 2003, when the angle was right, sunlight glints off that shrouding dust cloud and comes back to our eyes on Earth.  And people say "oh I saw the Sun rise... and then I saw it rise again!"  Same thing with setting.

Same thing happened in 2003 when this thing was first happening.  The weathermen would sometimes allow this to happen behind them.  They would film the sunrise live and people would say "The weatherman jerked around and said 'Holy Cow!' and things like that.

Well then they stopped this, filming it live, and they got weathermen that were more controlled [and] don't talk about that.

It's a big cover-up among astrologers- astronomers, pardon me- Astronomers, the weathermen are told to watch what they talk about, certain talking heads...

roker-scott7So is that why Al Roker took over for Willard Scott on the Today Show?

Probably so, you know... Anybody who was too emotional was removed.  They had to be very well controlled and speak about inane things not important things.


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