An Interview with Nancy Lieder...

So obviously we can't trust our Governments to tell us about this impending doom.  And why would they... what could anyone do.  But there have to be signs that this is occurring.

Well there are signs.  Is the weather normal?

In 1995 the Zetas talked about what would happen with the weather and crop shortages.  All of that has unfolded completely.  They talked about high tides ect. And that's happened.  They have talked about increasing albinism in wildlife- in other words the "white buffalo" does not come about by accident.  There is a Hopi... an Indian prophecy.  It’s because the swirling core puts emanations out that cave creatures are susceptible to.

You know fish and things like that in caves have no coloration.  They don't need it.  There's no light there , they can't get sunburned.  So it's that same emanation that is influencing creatures like the white buffalo to go all albino.


So many predictions that the Zetas have made that have come true... The increased earthquakes, the increase of volcanism.  You know, we have more volcanoes active now that [ever] in the memory of Man.  Thos was in fact in a post ten years ago and it even gotten {unintelligible}...

They have been very specific about geological changes...


Like what?

Well they talked about- a year ago, I was privy to information about what they called the "Seven of Ten Scenarios".  Where this started from was people said if you consider "ten of ten" to be the Pole Shift, "Nine of Ten" to be the Last Weeks, like the "Three Days of Darkness", then where are we now?

Well we are currently at "Six of Ten" and what will be "Seven of Ten", there were several scenarios right around the equator basically.  Indonesia, there's a plate tongue that is really attached to the Great Eur-Asian plate that holds Indonesia. 

And that is going to sink underneath the curve of the plate holding India and Australia.  Then South America is going to roll- pinned at the tip, but rolls its top part like an ice cream cone falling to the left towards the West.  Roll over as it did push the Caribbean plate down sinking Caribbean islands.

And then Africa would roll, pinned at the tip, but it would roll to the East you know toward... ripping itself apart some more in the Rift Valley there in the Red Sea, ect. Sinking the Mediterranean floor above Algeria and then we get into some other things, including the New Madrid...

But let's take those three, which were the First Three.


But over the year, there you go.. Son of a gun... here we go.  They said India would tilt slightly.  And all of this has not happened yet , but they said the trend would be unmistakable.  So, over this past year they (the Zetas) said that India would a little bit on its West side and rise a teeny bit- maybe ten to twelve feet on the East side. 

Well Pakistan's rains are still not draining from July.

And here we go with Jakarta with all the roads along its canals collapsing because they are sinking.  And this is not rising sea levels.  And all the volcanoes going off around Sumatra and Java and Manabí... aliens9remember Obama having all that trouble with travel there recently...

And this is all in step with what their predictions were.  South America is pushing and rolling.  There's land just off of Columbia- in the sea there where it's the border between the Caribbean and South American plates has lost elevation.  Suddenly at the same time the mountain building along the New Andes Fault is just crumbling villages up there.

Even Panama for the first time in its hundred year history had to close the locks because there was too much water.  And that's rain?

This just happened this last week... Panama is sinking... it's on the Caribbean Plate and being pushed down, right...

And Africa likewise... All of the sudden we are getting all kinds of hammering earthquakes there just at the end of the red sea.

So this trend is already happening in accordance with the Zeta predictions and nobody else makes these predictions.

Did the Zetas predict anything would happen to North America?

The nasty New Madrid stuff...After these three things happen, then we're going to have- well- actually after Indonesia goes down, something happen in the Pacific where the Philippine and the Marianas plate kind of fold against each other.   Japan has a bunch of quakes and then -BOOM- over to North America and the New Madrid adjustment, which will be is currently...  the land is under a diagonal stress.  New England area is being pulled to the East and the Mexico tip is being pulled to the West.  So it creates a bowl- from the ellucian islands in the east to the tip of Mexico and San Diego, where they are having all these snapping water mains and have been for some time.

So North America is under stress but it can't roll like South America or Africa can because if you take a look at platetechtonics , we are the flat top.  The North American Plate goes from Japan all the way, shooting through to Iceland... It's one straight line.  So a straight line does not roll so therefore we are under stress and what happens???  We get a New Madrid adjustment.  We get a diagonal pull where southwest of the Mississippi gets pulled south and west and the other part moves up northeast and it will rip. The New Madrid Fault line actually runs all the way along the seaway and then there is a sister fault line that runs up along the East Coast.  That's why the bells in Boston rang when the New Madrid went off in 1818.  

So it's just going to spit us in half?

No.  It’s going to rip all the Mississippi [river] bridges, drop land to the west of the Mississippi so that the Mississippi widens to fifty miles wide. From the south of Illinois down there’s a different rock strata... if you take a look at rock strata, it's amazing... And of course it is going to shatter every city that we can think of just about.

And then after that happens the West Coast will slip slide along the San Andrea, and the volcanoes will go off but this will not be the big magnitude 8 or 9 earthquakes that the New Madrid adjustment will involve.

But worse than that comes to Europe right after or almost simultaneous to that New Madrid adjustment .

And by New Madrid I am talking about "The Big One", the magnitude 9 that tears those bridges, ect. Not any little 5,6,or 7 that might be happening...


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