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An Interview with Nancy Lieder...

Going back a little bit with what you were saying about "Planet X"... it sounds a lot like the Zechariah  Sitchin theory.

sutchen-3Yea.  Sitchin addressed this rogue planet and did an excellent job translating the ancient Sumerian language and it was Nibiru that came through every three thousand six hundred years.  Documented how they (the Sumerians) were aware of planets that we weren't aware of until the 1930s.  They counted out to in so we were the third planet from the sun but we count in out.  We only became aware of Pluto in 1930, but they were aware of it way back the- thousands of years ago.

But Sitchin was a bit nervous about saying when it [Nibiru] would return and the Zetas said that it is the "Not in my lifetime" syndrome.  He had first was saying probably not for a thousands of years and I guess recently had came down to saying maybe in sixty years...

Well, it arrived in the inner solar system in 2003.

Almost all cultures have some prophecy and folklore about this.  It’s called Herclulibus in South America, Wormwood in the Bible... I'm trying to think of what culture doesn't address it.  I recently got some Javanese prophecy from Santo somebody or other five hundred years ago that was describing what is happening now in Java as the Earth changes pick up.  Mother Shipton about it.

And the Egyptians were terrific about recording past passages.  The Flood was one and the Egyptian Exodus was another and that is registered in the Kolbrin, [which] is kind of like the Bible except for what the Egyptians put in it.  But it was taken up by some Monks in Scotland that cluttered it with Bible talk.

The Bible itself, in the Book of Exodus and the Revelations, talks about the coming time and the last pole shift which was the Jewish Exodus.

So you are saying that the Jewish Exodus from Egypt coincided with Planet X's arrival?

Yes. It was the last passage.  Ya know, they had this huge volcano that blew up in the Mediterranean, the Santerini- I believe I got that right.  It is sometimes called Thera and it was twenty times more powerful than Kraccatoa that blew up in 1882.

And it was a huge volcano blast.  now what would allow Moses to escape from [Egypt] with his people- little moses4old ladies and toddlers and lay people to escape as slaves from their Egyptian slave masters and wander off like that.

And also the red dust, the signature of this passing planet.  It’s basically iron oxide dust that is charged and clings to it and shrouds it because this planet is a big magnet which is why we have pole shifts.

So Thera and Santerini is estimated at 1621 BC- Before Christ- nobody knows for sure. I mean, how do we get an exact date on rock.  It’s a guess. There was no record keeping.

The Egyptians stopped their record keeping, stopped taking census and the like.  Civilization grinds to a halt after a pole shift because there are so many earthquakes, so many tidal waves... people starving and wandering, looking for food.  They don't bother with record keeping so that the Egyptians kept the Kolbrin, this exact record of what happened in the Flood and the Jewish Exodus was wonderful.  It's the best record we have of what goes on.

Let's talk about "Pole shift".  What do the Zetas tell you about it?

This [Planet X] is a big magnet and it ends up getting the Earth caught in front of it.  it swings into the sun- and it did so in 2003 and we tracked it very carefully in the night sky according to the Ra and Dek (which I describe as being kind of an "x" and "y" position in the sky) and when we tracked it then it was like a dim star that wasn't on the star charts and when we took a CCD image two weeks later from a rented observatory it had moved to the new spot and wasn't  at the old spot so this was an absolutely accurate trajectory and it arrived in the early spring of 2003.  I, myself, saw it in the evening sky on March 26, almost exactly where the Zetas said it would be seven years earlier.  That’s how accurate their track record was computing just where it would appear in the skies.

So it's a huge magnet and it zooms towards the sun.  But there is something called the gravity repulsion force, which is what keeps our moon up there since its way to heavy and moving way too slowly to be kept up there by centrifugal force.  We demonstrated that while debating the astronomers on Ciastro; when they discovered that their own math showed them that it was not possible for it  to be up there, they got all befuddled and stuff and stopped talking to me.  But we won that debate .  It's still there on my websites, under the "Ciastro Debates".

OK, so now it comes in in 2003, it's pointing it's North Pole at the South Pole because it comes in from Orion, which is a bit south of the South Pole of the Sun.  It creeps by it, it has momentum.  It swings through and now it's on the other side of the Sun and it's approaching the Ecliptic.  It’s at an angle up toward the Ecliptic, it swung its North Pole out towards the Earth and creating all kinds of havoc with our magnetic fields which shows up on a magnetic simulator.


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