An Interview with Nancy Lieder...

But if the Zetas are so positive about it and it is such a good thing, then why isn't every abduction story as positive as yours?  Why is there so many that describe a humiliation and torture?

Because the Government... The CIA and certain elements of the Government do not want you to be cozy with the aliens.

So it's disinformation?

Mostly, almost entirely it is disinformation because of "The Earth is ours" syndrome.  Organized religion is very touchy about this.  The Pope only recently- The Catholic Religion only recently said "OK intelligent life may be elsewhere and they may not be demons".  But up until last year everyone thought that...

That they were demons... That's what I was told in a few catholic schools... That they were demons sent to shake our belief in God.

alien-probe18Exactly.  And it is possessive.  They own you  the Organized Religion Hierarchy owns you and they'll tell you what to think.  And the same thing is true with Government.  The Department of Defense, are they going to admit that aliens exist and those are their space ships because they can't protect the earth then .  People will say "what good is it giving you all types of guns and stuff because you're impotent against this force", right?

And they don't like being talked about in that manner. So everybody is trying to protect their turf and they have touchy egos about "I'm in charge...I’m special... I'm the one Mankind should look up to" and so they don't want you getting told.  But they can't stop it because aliens go directly to the People.

Most of this stuff, it's not abduction.  It’s contact.  Abduction is a term generated by this group of humans and still today contactees were punished if they were trying to send a different message.  john err... trying to say John Hopkins... not sure if that's the guy I’m thinking of... he writes books about how awful it is and everybody is tortured and frightened.  And John Mack had a different message... He said 'oh no, there is something else going on here' and of course John Mack was run down in the streets in I think it was the UK a couple of years ago.  He was killed.

This is what goes on with that kind of message but they are losing so rapidly... Contactee growth is on such an upswing that it is like a total losing battle. just like they are running chemtrails in the sky to fog it up so people can't see the evidence of Planet X and its many moon swirls and dust cloud, ect in the sky... that's what chemtrails is all about...

You yourself had a hybrid baby, didn't you?

Yes I did.  And I participated.  It was primarily in my teens.  I didn't get married and start having babies till I was 19, 20 or so and up until that time they collected ova and even let me carry the baby for a couple of weeks.  And I thought nothing of it.  They explained that they needed my help.  You asked about how every contactee does not talk about this... It follows the family line.  They started this maybe now it's sixty, seventy years ago... actively creating the hybrids for this time, when the pole shift would hit, but they were probably working on this for a few hundred years before that too.  But they started in earnest and collecting DNA [sixty, seventy years ago].  And following this family line is necessary because of what they describe as DNA weaving... weaving... weaving back in some DNA that was left out or to strengthen it. I use that term because the Zetas told me to use that term and then I heard from geneticists that I didn't know how accurate I was... that's exactly what goes on when you do genetic engineering... you weave DNA you are trying to get in or maybe haven’t gotten in infallibly.

So hybrids are done through genetic engineering, not the "old fashioned way"?

alien_sex_17yea, but they collect sperm and ova... it's the genetic contribution... then it's Petri dish, snipping, and whatever else goes on and then you insert it back in the mother usually for a couple of weeks or more, depending.  That's where a contactee would say "Oh I was pregnant for two weeks and it was confirmed..." and then it disappeared and the doctor said "I don't know what happened... it just vanished...".

Did you ever meet your hybrid baby?

I did.  And I had just one of them. I was nineteen and I was babysitting- he was three and a half years old.. So adorable...  I was babysitting and got called out into the yard and got on a ship and they were very shy.  Then all these Zetas came up and from the middle... from the knees on down, I saw this little set of legs.

I sat dawn and sensed that he was scared.  I sat down and closed my eyes, put my fingers in mouth so he wouldn't be afraid that I was going to bite him. Pulled on my hair,, let him peak at my hair roots, let him poke around me.  Showed him how my joints work... Our joints are a little more fluid than theirs are.  Theirs are more rigid.  They have a higher gravity at their planet and their bodies- although skinny-  are very solid.  I've seen them sort of hop fifteen feet like we would hop two or three inches.  They have strong bones and strong bodies.

And it was so touching... to this day I get weepy when I think about it.

So then later I met him, and he was a grown man.  We were actually chatting in front of Al Gore... and some of his children were there.

So Al Gore has seen the Zeta?

Yea, you know that story about MJ12 and about how Presidents weren't allowed to know about MJ12...

No, I'm not familiar...

 it was some president, I can't remember the name... coming out of MJ12, which was established at the time of Roswell, was very jealous and did not want whoever was going to replace him to be a member of MJ12 and be privy to all this and meet aliens so the rule became that the Vice President could, but the President couldn't...

Plausible deniability?

I don't know why but it rode all the way through...


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