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Yes, well, who else could they be talking about but Zetatalk?  I mean it was so clear.  They didn't say Zetatalk but they made it so clear that they did not want to put approval on Zetatalk because it is too accurate.  But this kind of thing has come out more than once.

It sounds all on the up and up.  Your message, while different because you do tie everything together into one simple explanation,  sounds a lot like the ancient prophecies or even the prophecies of more modern seers, like Nostradamus or Edgar Casey.

Absolutely.  And the Zetas said "Don't look at the differences... look at the similarities.  It's like blind men walking around the elephant and this one has a trunk and this one has a leg and they are going to interpret it slightly differently.  The Hadis in Islam describes the coming Pole Shift.  There's so many- what am I trying to say... Oh, Sheba in India, one of their Hindu gods, and all the symbolism that goes with him is trying to say that this is the God of Destruction and Rebirth.

The God of Death...

And there is tons of symbolism.

Speaking of symbolism, within magic and the occult there is mention of "otherworldly spirits".  Might the Zetas be those otherworldly spirits or are the bi-product of eating too many mushrooms?

Well it depends on Service to Self or Service to Other.  Zetas have said people who hold séances or Ouija boards.. It depends on who you’re calling. Or you put a pentagram on the floor and do Devil Worship... it's the intent in your heart that determines what you will deliver.  If you have evil thoughts, and I use the word "evil” broadly, like something that would be harmful to others but would benefit me, then you are calling the wrong guys.  They'll come down, they can manifest and make you think you are looking at something other than what you are looking at. 

Actually, the Good Guys can do this too.  It's called a "Screen Memory".

You pull over...You’re asked to drive out into the country because you have been called to speak for counseling.  You pull over, you're talking to a Zeta or maybe your contactee is a monkey thing.  but you don't see the alien as what they are instead you say "I found myself on the wrong road and saw an owl in the tree and I rolled my window down and listened to that for a little bit and it was so peaceful.  I felt better after a little while and found my way back to the highway."

Well you didn't see an owl, you saw an alien but it's called a screen memory.  But if you dig deep enough down underneath layers of what your memory is... just layered one on top of the other... you find the real memory. You can do that through self meditation . 

So these guys that are running occult... say yes or no..It depends on their intent... Depends on what they are asking for what comes.

Now a lot of supposedly good stuff is not.  A lot of times, people will talk about "Oh I'm a light worker... in light and love, blah, blah, blah..." that all sounds wonderful.  But when you dig down into it they are telling people 'stare at your navel long enough and you will rise up to be in the higher realms.'

But that's not how it happens. You don't get to sit back and passively get to be obsessed with yourself... You gotta work at it and take risks and help other people and feel their pain and participate in their pain.  it's like sitting at the side of the road while staring at your navel while a bunch of toddlers are in the road about to get run over. Well that guy sitting at the side of the road staring at his navel gets no credit.  That guy who rushed into the road and scooped those toddlers up, who maybe himself gets smacked while tossing a toddler back to its mother gets the credit.  That's the hero.  That’s the one who makes it up the ladder.  

There any truth to the 2012 rumors?

2012 is not necessarily the date.  The Mayan and the Gregorian calendars cannot be lined up with each other...

Obviously...the Gregorian colander was based on the Roman model while the Mayans based their on whatever it was that they based it off of...

Imayan-20've researched this... I’ve looked and looked and challenged people espousing 2012, making money off of the books.  Anything that had 2012 in the heading was allowed to be on the bookshelves big time, where as Zetatalk never was.  It's a false date.  It was touted two or three years ago when 2012 was far enough away that the Government or the establishment felt it was safe, tell everybody it is going to happen at the end of 2012.  They won't quit their jobs, they will still pay taxes and blah, blah. And now that it is getting closer , you can hear them murmur that maybe it is 2013.

There is no way to line up the Gregorian and the Mayan. I looked into this.  it was a very dominant archeologist who-Thompson was his name- and he sort of out shouted everybody else and said "I've decided that this is the date" but they used carbon dating in one instance for characters that were in a temple beam that they found and the error was three to five years either way.  Now how can they be so precise as to say December 21...


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