Colorado to vote on Marijuana Legalization in 2012...

Pot leaf_26The residents of Colorado will be able to voice their opinion on whether or not Marijuana will be legalized and allowed to be sold, taxed, and regulated just like alcohol.

Monday, Scott Gesser- the Colorado Secretary of State- certified the ballot initiative aiming to free the weed, accepting the 170,000 required signatures necessary to make it on the November ballot.


If approved by voters, the Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act would allow for the limited possession and cultivation of cannabis by adults age 21 regulate-marijuana-like-alcoholand over. It would also allow the state and local governments to enact regulations on the commercial production and distribution of marijuana, as well giving local governments the option to prohibit marijuana sales altogether.

“This could be a watershed year in the decades-long struggle to end marijuana prohibition in this country,” said Art Way, Colorado manager of the Drug Policy Alliance in a press release.

“Marijuana prohibition is counterproductive to the health and public safety of our communities. It fuels a massive, increasingly brutal underground economy, wastes billions of dollars in scarce law enforcement resources, and makes criminals out of millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens.”

“This is a very exciting prospect for marijuana law reform advocates,”  Erik Altieri, NORML’s Communications Coordinator, said in a press release, “Coloradans have already set the example for how to properly implement a state medical marijuana program and now they have the opportunity to lead the country yet again by being the first to end cannabis prohibition in their state. With their state pride and frontier mentality, the Centennial State stands a great chance of being the first state to declare an end to the war on cannabis consumers.”

Rocky Mountain High

For marijuana Legalization proponents, this is a very big deal…


Colorado is a longtime friend of the funky green…

Recent data from Public Policy Polling showed that 49% of Colorado residents favored legalizing recreational marijuana use, compared to 40% who were against it. The poll also found that 68% of residents, however, favored medical legalization.

colorado-to-reclassify-medical-marijuanaAnd it’s not just a popular issue with the citizenry… The State government has a very favorable attitude towards marijuana. Colorado became the first state in the nation to begin issuing licenses for businesses that sell medical marijuana and marijuana-infused products and also formally asked the Drug Enforcement Agency to reclassify marijuana.

But all that good will is not a guarantee by any means…

Going into a similar vote in California during the 2010 elections, marijuana suffered a crushing defeat that going into Election Day seemed like a total lock to pass.

Polls showed that the measure was favored for passage by the people until “The Mommy Contingent” got themselves motivated to vote against the weed thanks to fear motivated ads by the status quo (rumor was the Federal Government was behind the movement)reminding them how the good people of California how their daughters would take up with colored jazz men and Mexican cartels would rush the border freaked out because they would be losing their biggest market (which is kind of what I thought the War on Drugs was all about but I guess I was mistaken).

[Actually, the campaign went on the premise that should marijuana be legalized, then ALL kids would be staggering around stoned; with those not us-no-dopestoned off their asses having the precarious existence of having to wander streets and hallways with these drug fueled monkeys. All of this while under a hail of Mexican Cartel machine gun fire…

It is also commonly thought that the heavier Conservative Republican turnout might have also had a negative effect towards the Bill’s fate.]

And the same could happen in Colorado, a strangely Conservative state despite it’s at times Liberal bend.

The desire to boot out President Obama is sure to shake out all the fringe voices on the right (voices that tend to be associated with heads easily swayed by fear mongering). Sprinkle in a few dirty ads featuring minorities distributing drugs to little white rich kids who-prior to li’l Jamal and Jose’s temptation- were sitting quietly on the stoop reading their bibles while a seemingly cuckolded Officer Friendly stands by watching helpless to stop the wonton destruction of yet another innocent by the glamor and glitz of drug use and a couple of fire and brimstone speeches made from the pulpit about the easing of social standards because of the difficulty of righteous living and you have a real tidal wave of negative vibes coming down on a movement that more and more Americans are starting to give a serious look at.

We will be sure to keep an eye out on this one…


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