Apple to buy Twitter???


twitter_logoAs every day passes, it looks more and more like 2009 is the year of the nerd.

Just as the world is all the buzz about the greatness that is Twitter, Apple is reportedly offering to buy the microblogging site for a mere $700 million dollars.  Now that is a lot of scratch to pay for a site where people get to make it all about them in 140 characters of less.

Apple LogoTechCrunch and Valleywag are reporting that the Apple company is trying to buy the white hot social networking site currently all the rage these days.  And while the idea seems to make sense, what with more and more people using the smart phones they have (like the iPhone) to update sites like Twitter as to what they are up to.  But of course, just as with anything the internet claims, there are people who are claiming that it might be nothing more than bullshit.  And while this rumor seems to make all the sense in the world, when the editor of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington, doubts the forthrightness of the unnamed sources quoted in the cyber articles (including the one on their site).

Truthfully, this means nothing to me.  Whether some jerk in California is running Twitter or a faceless corporate blob gobbling everything in its path in the interest of making a buck, whoever owns the site does nothing to my ability to twat about my bowel movements and site updates (@Thom_acee to follow me on Twitter).


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