West Virginia woman wins lotto five times!!!

Pop quiz 

Pop quiz hot shot:  Would it be worth it if you were able to win the lotto five times in your life, but you had to live in West Virginia?  Is it worth it?  Or not?

How's this for sick irony.  The world's luckiest woman lives in West Virginia...

59 year old Brenda Bailey is apparently just oozing luck (and considering that she lives in West Virginia, she would be very lucky if that is all that she is oozing).  The South Charleston, West Virginia resident has hit the West Virginia state lotto five times, with her most recent win over the weekend of $100,000.

Now, Brenda has never hit the big money, having won just under two hundred thousand bucks during this recent lucky streak.  But something tells me that a hundred thousand dollars stretches like a son of as bitch in feud torn West Virginie.


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