Recent Study Finds Men Prefer the Pretty...

Bettie-Page04If you have ever wanted to know how we got to the point where we can't say "Merry Christmas" anymore in school because it might hurt feelings or why is it that year after year our culture becomes more and more sanitized.... It is because of studies like this. 

In the journal "Sex Roles: a Journal of Research", a stunning discovery was made... Turns out that not only do men seem to have an almost unconscious tendency to "eye ball" women, but that those women being eye balled tend to be the most attractive of the lot ( attractive being defined as women offering the appropriate breasts to hips ratio), with the overall focus seeking to be on the breasts and waists (tits and ass, in lay terms). 

divaThe study, entitled "My Eyes Are Up Here: The. Nature of the Objectifying Gaze Towards Women" , the researchers (Sarah J. Gervais, Arianne M. Holland, and token male Michael D. Dodd) was focused on the oppressive glances of these men and their victimized targets. 

"... The main purpose of this work was to examine the objectifying gaze toward women via eye tracking technology. A secondary purpose was to examine the impact of body shape on this objectifying gaze...."

Their results were apparently shocking, finding that all men- be they appearance or personality focused- tended to look at women; their perverted gazes focused primarily on the breasts and buttocks of those in the high ideal for physical characteristics (the "hourglass" figure, with the ideal ratio between breasts and hips). But the lack of the ideal didn't stop them from noticing the other types, both average and low... They just enjoyed didn't enjoy those that much. 

"... Consistent with our main hypothesis, we found that participants focused on women’s chests and waists more and faces less when they were appearance-focused (vs. personality-focused). Moreover, we found that this effect was particularly pronounced for women with high (vs. average and low) ideal body shapes in line with hypotheses. Finally, compared to female participants, male participants showed an increased tendency to initially exhibit the objectifying gaze and they regarded women with high (vs. average and low) ideal body shapes more positively, regardless of whether they were appearance-focused or personality-focused. Implications for objectification and person perception theories are discussed."

The study found that these glances hurt the feelings of not only the animalistic desired highly attractive- desperate to be thought of as anything more than just the pink stuff that keeps the tits and cunny warm- but the tender feelings of the average and below average body types (in particular the below average)- knowing they just don't quite compete with their ideal counterparts.


The End of Masculinity


Usually, this would be the kind of study I would laugh about... Maybe make a few dismissive jokes regarding the stupidity of the premise; wondering out loud why it would have taken an in-depth study to figure out men like looking at women with large boobs and a nice, round ass.  But as I watch more and more of my Nation being eroded away, using studies like this as their justification, I fear I can not dismiss it as so much pap. 

Mark my words, there will be an America- if we don't push back- where male initiated flirtation will be seen as an unwanted sexual assault and every sideways glance, a rape just waiting to happen. 


This study will be brought up every time the American "rape culture" is brought up, the idea that all men are potential rapists just waiting for the right inspiration to fulfill their genetic destiny being more and more openly discussed by the anti-masculine Progressives. It will be given credence, as more and more elevated voices mention the tenets of the study to justify new Hate Crime laws intended to protect these busty victims of these insidious attacks of unwanted attention (attention, mind you, that never was more than just a passing glance as the two passed along the street or hall), the Nanny State finding yet another victim group demanding someone keep them safe from boogie men. It will churn and churn, growing with each pass until it strips every ounce of humanity from us; neutered males with an ever present gaze off into the horizon desperate to avoid any nod all contact with women- pretty or otherwise- lest it cost them everything. 


And all because the ugly just can't get past their own hideousness.


ugly-sistersOh, make no mistake... This charge isn't being led up the Civil Rights Hill by Sophia Vergara and Jennifer Lawrence. The pretty and endowed have never had an issue In gaining access to the mainstream of any society.  This movement is led by the legions of the less-fuckable and unfuckable women out there just sickened to death knowing that all their studying, personality, and achievements will never, ever beat a great set of tits or a nice ass. 


Simple as that. 


Sure, there are women doctors and lawyers out there also manage to turn a head or two that might like to have their brains noticed before their body, but for the most part this is an issue for those lower body ideals standing on the other side of the velvet rope knowing that the only thing keeping them from the "Good Life" is that the prettier ones gain preference and instead of accepting the shitty hands they are dealt by Life's cruel dealer and working around their handicaps they would rather just outlaw the behavior that hurts them. 


Progressives do it with everything else...