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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger2009... the year pot went mainstream.

It seems like every day there is more chatter by elected officials about the idea of legalizing marijuana.  This time the politician speaking out about freein' the weed is Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In an event to promote wildfire safety in Davis, California, the California governor stated that he is ready to have an open discussion about the full legalization of marijuana in the state of California.

Arnold smoking pot back in the day.The muscle bound Republican does not favor the complete legalization of marijuana, stating that other places that have legalized marijuana have not been total utopias, as problems did arise in the marijuana trade.  He went on to state that he did not think that a knee jerk decision on that matter just for the financial benefit would be prudent, as the unintended consequences will not be prepared for.

Democratic state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano claimed that he is willing to discuss the matter with the Governor next year, when he brings forth his plan for the total legalization of marijuana in the state of California.  Under Ammiano's plan, the state would legalize the sale and possession of marijuana to adults aged 21 and up, and would tax the substance to the tune of $50 a clip.  He claims that this move would generate more than one billion dollars for the state. ( It should be noted here that marijuana is California's number one cash crop.)

California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in 1996.  Since then, more than a dozen have joined the state in seeing the light on marijuana prohibition.


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