Universal Drug Testing in American future???


Rep. Steven King, R-IowaSometimes Republicans really do make me scratch my head.  They really do.

In a time when the Republican Party is floundering in the shadow of irrelevancy, mainly due to their inability to come up with any sort of public platform that the American people find palatable, Rep. Steve King of Iowa seems to have found a way to try and make a name for himself.  He has a surefire solution to limit the roles on welfare, win the seemingly unwinnable war on drugs, and repair the moral decay that is ripping apart families from sea to shining sea.  What's frightening about the video is not that some half-wit politician would think this to be a winning strategy, but that for some reason this seems like something Americans might be stupid enough to fall for.

Universal drug testing.  That is Rep. King's great plan. See, in King's world all illegal aliens in America are strung out on drugs (or at the very least all smoking trash bags of marijuana on a weekly basis).  So are the welfare rolls, educational systems, and the job market.  So what Mr. King wants done is for the Federal Government to start randomly drug testing the American people, with negative tests making them ineligible for government assistance, student loans (or admission for that matter), employment, and prosecutable for failing the test.  How is that for the land of the Free?  How much do you want to bet that the next step in his plan involves putting drug abusers in these special "rehabilitation camps", where they will be placed so as to allow the nation to find a better solution for the issue of their addiction. 

Now there is little chance of something like this of ever being passed through the Government...yet.  While a portion of Americans might not see the harm is random testing of people for illegal drug use (especially those on Government assistance programs), using the whole "I have nothing to hide so I do not care if I am tested" claim, I feel that the vast majority of this nation's citizens would still view this as a needless and frightening encroachment of the Federal Government into the day to day affairs of the American people.

And as for Rep. King... While I understand the notion that a nation must enforce a rule of law and a standard code of ethics, there is something to be said about allowing for change to these rules and codes as time passes.  The end of marijuana prohibition is starting to gain favor with the American people, as more and more of the nation is seeing that a taxable revenue stream (as well as savings from the quite costly war on weed) might be more important than the foothold of power that the continued persecution of citizens committing seemingly victimless crimes holds for the Government.  These people are the greatest danger America faces????To say that you are as of now unwilling to see legalization as a viable solution is one thing, but to insist that the only way for our nation to solve its problems is to stomp out the very personal liberties you claim to be in office to enforce is unconceivable.  The issues of crime, poverty, and corruption are very real issues Congressman, this is true.  But for a nation to look at something as benign as marijuana (or any illegal drug for that matter) is ridiculous.  It is just easier to say "These people are all on drugs" I guess than it is to say "These people are all being left behind as a direct result of policies, both Republican and Democratic, which have robbed these people of initiative, education, and an overall desire to be a part of our society".  I just hope that the rest of the nation is taking note as to how the Government reacts when its citizens begin demanding its rights.  If they are willing to wipe their ass with the Constitution to stamp out calls for marijuana legalization, what do you think they will do when we really start making noise about issues with Social Security or the Tax code (which is where the Government really gets their power...)?


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