Are we sure we really don't want cops???

1-6-15-cops-tapeAs we begin the New Year still embroiled in this bitter debate over the state of a Law a Enforcement in these United States, leave it to the good states of Florida and Ohio to serve up prime reason as to why exactly we all agreed to love behind the Blue Wall...

Exhibit A: 



These two lookers went and started the year off with a hell of a bang, tucking off into a closet somewhere on the Daytona State College campus to play a quick game of "Seven Minutes in Heaven"  (and, and do a shit ton of crack or meth... It's Florida so. It could go either way...). And somehow they got themselves locked In said closet. 

And in that tiny room, those two tweeked out lovebirds bunkered down, doing all the crack and/or meth (and having awful smelling crack/meth sex, no doubt) for two days... TWO DAYS... before John Arwood got around to calling the law from his cell phone; claiming him and his beau had been chased into the closet by undesirables and needed some rescuing. 

The cops came, as we pay them to do, ready and eager to help these two sweethearts out of their confinement. Only when they got there, they found the door to the closet unlocked. Yea, the door was unlocked (meaning these two Rhodes Scholars could have freed themselves any time they wanted). The cops found the scene troubling (and no doubt having their suspicions raised ever higher having opened the door and finding these two bug nutty weirdos just clawing the paint off the door to find more meth and crack. The cops found the door didn't lock from the inside, but did find a few piles of human feces and a couple of burned up copper scrubbing pads (typically used by junkies to smoke the crack and meth). 

For their trouble, John Arwood was sent home with newly found internet fame as a used up junkie. Things didn't work out so well for his lovely date for the weekend, Amber Campbell... She found herself starting out the new year with a charge of trespassing and another for violating her parole. No drugs were found on the premises. 


Exhibit B: 



This Oldsmar man decided he was going to start this year eliminating all of his nagging issues and horrors hanging over from this year going past, and on New Years Eve went into his home and took an ax to his dear, sweet mama... Lopping off her head and leaving her in the yard. His brother found the beheaded woman a few hours later, notifying police that his mother had been beheaded. 

Christian Gomez, the mother lopper, was found a little after the incident was reported; strangers notifying the authorities to a twitchy creep riding a bike around the neighborhood. 

As for his reasons for why he took off his mother's head, Christian- a diagnosed schizophrenic- claims he had been planning her death for days; his fateful actions triggered by her having asked him to move a few boxes and always favoring his brother. 


Exhibit C: 


A two hundred teenager brawl broke out at a Valley View cinema that required a butt load of cops to break it up... Needless to say, the parents of these model citizens are outraged as to how their little delights were handled. 

The fight was disbanded once the kids blew off a little steam (no doubt the cops, weary of the scrutiny that they are receiving lately, letting these kids punch themselves out before sending them home). 


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