Minnesota congress passes medicinal marijuana law...

smoking_weedLooks like all of those horrible, mean spirited things I have said about our Nordic looking brothers to the North, as Minnesota might not be as ass backwards as I had originally thought.  The Minnesota House and Senate have voted on and passed a bill that would legalize the use of medicinal marijuana in the state.

Tim Pawlenty, RepublicanThe Bill is now headed to Governor Tim Pawlenty, who has gone on record stating that he opposes the Bill.

The Bill would allow for the state to establish a licensing system for patients to have a doctor recommend them for medicinal marijuana use.  The patient would then have to go and get a picture license which would allow him to then score a lid at one of the State's licensed marijuana dispensaries.

Minnesota Pro-pot rallyState Congressional proponents of the Bill have come out and stated that should the Governor stall or veto the Bill, then they would then take the vote to the people and push for a constitutional amendment for the issue.

Currently, there are 13 states in the Union who have laws allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana, nine of them passing through popular vote.


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