A story about stereotypes...

Stereotypes can be an ugly thing.  They perpetuate rumors and here-say, many times in a humorous way, in order to disparage a race or social construct.  Not all gay men are well dressed and effeminate.  Not all black guys have huge wieners and can dance well.   


But just because something is a stereotype does not make it not true.


For example, a womyn has recently done something no one else has ever been able to do.  She managed to fail her driver’s examination a record 771 times.  Any guess as to from which region of the world she would be coming from?


The South Korean lady, who has been trying to get her license since April of 2005, has failed the test nearly every day since then.  We are guessing it had something to do with driving way too slow and with her turn signal on for miles at a time.

 Now this is not to say that all elderly Asian womyn are incapable of driving well, but it is nice to have a feather in the stereotype hat.


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