The family that numbs thier faces together,,,


When exactly did Great Britain become Europe's version of Florida?

botoxA British mother decided to give her daughter the gift of severe emotional trauma for her 18th birthday as she gave her Botox injections to fix the wrinkles that the girl would get on her forehead.  Margret King, who spent 45,0OO pounds on plastic surgery for herself, claims that she sees nothing wrong with her daughter, Jodie- who makes 800 bucks a month modeling- taking regular Botox injections since her 2007 gift from mama. 

Jodie and Margret KingWhile being interviewed by the Mail Online, Margret claimed that she had also taken her daughter in for consultation for breast enhancement and that she would be giving her a nose job for her 21st birthday.  Many surgeons do not recommend people under the age of 30 get Botox injections because (duh) their skin has not yet developed wrinkles and that all getting Botox injections that early in life would do nothing more than unnecessarily diminish the facial expression of the user.

But who cares if this stupid C and her tart daughter lack the ability to smile or cry.  Clearly their addiction to plastic surgery is nothing more than the actions of a person who is dead inside.  What I am concerned with is the following:

  • A- Exactly where does that dog toothed plastic faced creature get any work modeling anything except gloves?
  • B- Does the mom feed on human flesh as well as the last drops of her daughter's innocence, as she does bear a striking resemblance to a zombie?


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