Nine year old boy creates best selling iPhone app

Recently, we illustrated the ugly side of stereotyping.But now we have a tale where it might not be such a bad thing.So put your thinking caps on people, and let’s play a game of “Guess the Ethnicity”!!!

Ready????Here goes…A nine year old boy, whose father seems constantly disappointed in his best efforts no matter how impressive he is, recently made himself a little bit of cash by selling 4000 downloads of an iPhone app that he created all by himself.He is fluent in six different programming languages, started using a computer at the age of two, and has written twenty computer programs since having discovered programming at the age of seven.

What ethnicity is he???

If you guessed Asian, you racist son of a bitch, then you my friend are correct!

Lil’ Lim Ding Wen, a nine year old Malaysian boy, has created an iPhone app that has sold more than four thousand units in less than two weeks.Doodle Kids lets the user draw along their screen with their fingers and then erase it by shaking the phone (much like one would do with an Etch-a-Sketch).Originally, Ding Wen had written the program to work on his personal computer, but adapted the program to work on the iPhone, probably out of complete boredom.

Now, one would figure that a child capable of such amazing feats would be the glimmer in any parent’s eye.Let’s see what DW’s pops had to say about him.

Quoted on his website, Lim Thye Chean (Ding’s dad) said quote:

“Ding Wen is an above average boy with an interest in computers, especially Apple IIGS and Macs, likes to do programming, and that’s it.Doodle kids is an extremely simple program that can be done by anybody.Everyone can program- if Ding Wen can do it, so can you.”

Who would have thought?Kid’s a super genius, and his father is less than cised about it.

Also, it should be noted here that if we as Americans are ever thinking about looking in to the future and seeing where our Paris Hilton obsessed minds are taking us, please to be looking towards Lil’ Ding Wen and realize that he is just one of billions eyeballing our nation and is just a marching order away from taking those video game making talents and turning them towards wiping the round eye off the map.