The New British Invasion!!!!!


orbs_night_skyThe skies above Great Britain have been illuminated with mysterious orange glowing orbs dancing around for quite some time now.  Over 1000 confirmed sightings of these unidentified glowing orbs have been reported in Great Britain (as well as in Holland), with two sightings reported as recently as Sunday.

While the Ministry of Defense claims that the lights seen in the sly on Sunday were the result of a military exercise (with the other events explained to the public in a similar manner).  But the people of Great Britain have a different opinion on the matter...


A fleet of alien spacecraft preparing for the imminent invasion of the Earth, to be exact.

Are these mysterious glowing orbs really UFOs?

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I feel that I should tell you that I am all in on the whole UFO/Aliens thing.  I am a true believer.  So obviously I am working with quite a bit of bias on the subject matter. 

picture of orbs taken in the skies above HollandBut when I look at these pictures the only explanation is the most obvious.  Those orbs are not Chinese paper lanterns, or weather balloons, or military exercises, or swamp gas, or whatever moronic excuses the powerful come up with to try and feed us more shit in order to keep us in line with.  They are something floating around in the sky.  Whether they are alien or American, or what I have no idea.  But they are most definitely something.

The truth is out there folks...

Fight the future.


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