Fire Drill looks to rid world of fossil fuels...


Romulan Fire Drill may become a reality...Jared Potter is trying to save the world.

Intending on ridding the world of our dependence on fossil fuels, Potter is in the process of creating a "fire drill" in order to dig deep enough into the planet's crust to create geothermal wells.

The concept behind the drill is simple.  Using a flame jet capable of burning at temperatures of up to 7200 degrees Fahrenheit, the "fire drill" has the ability to cut through any material at a rate of 100 feet per hour.  Cool huh?

Jared intends for the drills to be able to dig deeper than any current drilling methods we have, allowing us to reach the magma (molten rock) core.  Then these freshly dug drill holes would then be used as "geothermal wells", using the magma pits to superheat water.  The steam from the superheated water would be then used to turn turbines, thus making electricity.  And he is dead serious on making this happen.  Currently Jared Potter has two prototypes of his drill: the first as hydrogen flame shooter that melts though the Earth's outer layers and the second, which superheats a water jet to temps approaching 7200 degrees, intended to cut through to the middle of the Earth.

Your mind blown yet?

Geothermal steam ventsOf course the creation of such a drill would increase the odds of vengeance bent Romulans holding the world hostage by threatening to drill through the planet- thus destroying it if we are to believe Star Trek.  And Jared has not yet told us exactly how he intends to power these drills, which brings to question the actual effectiveness of his idea in the long run. But the benefits of ridding ourselves of the bondage that is our dependence of fossil fuels far outreach the possible planetary risks the creation of such a device would cause, or at the very least investigating the idea a little further to see what's doing.

Besides, those Swiss fuckers making black holes inside of a mountain are going to kill us all before this drill gets the chance to...