Why do DUI laws seem more like taxes than they do punishment...

duisLaw enforcement officials in Arizona have come up with an innovative way to curb drunk driving in thier Tucson.  Operation WULF (or Operation: Would You Like Fries) is intended on making the residents of Pima County rethink how they sober up on the ride home. some uniformed deputies stashed somewhere else in the parking lot to pull over and process the offender, thus making the cities of Tucson safer for everyone.

The idea behind the plan is simple.  The Pima County Sherriff's Department is going to post an officer inside of a 24 hour drive thru line (like McDonald's).  In the restaurant, he would be able to scout the customers and look for the tell tale signs of drinking.  Once spotted, the undercover would flag overhe way they

Seems easy enough I guess... and it does take drunks off the road, which I might add is not necessarily a bad thing.  But I do find the whole attitude behind the Drunk Driving laws to be suspect.

In principle they seem to be there for the public good, removing true public nuances from the road thus making all of our lives better.  But somewhere after they got that first law passed, this movement seemed to turn evil.  They started small, nixing passed out winos from tear-assing around the city streets.  Then they went after the guy that might not be pass out drunk, but he definitely should not have been driving.  Again, no argument here...  I know that personally I have gotten behind the wheel a few times when I know for a fact I should have been anywhere but and I assure you I felt like ass the next day (even though nothing happened, Thank God).  But then they went nutty, knocking down the level to .08 (which in most people pronounces you drunk after two or three glasses of wine with supper).  And that is asinine.  Not just stupid, but fucking asinine.

madd-logo-colorSince then, these groups (ahem, MADD... but there are others so I am not going to single out) have turned thier attention to the police side of the game, pressuring local law enforcement to get those drunks off the street.  Involving law enforcement meant writing tickets... and tickets; my friends... tickets are the key to all of this.

Just follow the money.

Much like the stupid housewives with nothing more to do than worry about every horror that thier little Susie and Johnny might find in this world and think of ways to make thier Government to make it go away, the anti-drunk driving groups have gone the way of taxation to try and make the problem go away... which means it will never go away.  It will only become more and more expensive.  You think that a DUI conviction costs around ten thousand dollars just to teach you a lesson?  Sure, they want you to learn not to be a selfish prick, and hopefully bleeding out ten grand and inconveniencing everyone you know is enough to shame you into changing your ways.  But don't think for one minute that they don't like having a few extra thousand hanging around to buy a few votes.  park dedicationPolling a little off in your district???  Well, why not put up a park named after some little girl killed while her father was on the tail end of a Super Bowl bender.  Make the community think you care and lets you go out there and rail against how horrible drunk driving is.  Maybe throw in a few jabs at the local drug dealers as well... to really sell how against anyone having a little fun in life you are.  Who cares if you ruin a few lives along the way... those people were out enjoying a few beers watching a football game and know damn well that the drinking the fermentation of grain is a sin!

Win a few elections this way, and you too might see just how alluring it is to support the Nanny State Agenda.  You keep winning back your kush job, and you're doing so by voting yourself more power.  post-election-riots-in-iranIt's like writing your own paycheck with no one checking up on you.  And the best part is that by the time these dunder heads hell bent on having someone else worry about thier personal safety realize that they have given everything away, it will be too late to do anything about it.  Just ask the people of Iran.

I know I got off topic about the whole Operation: WULF, but it is all related.  WULF... Sober Ride... Whatever snappy name the Fuzz puts on thier different missions to snag boozed up commuters.  And, like I said, I get why we have the laws (maybe not why they are as strict as they are).  But for some reason cops seem to really focus on DUI sweeps (and usually is areas where what one would think the more important crimes are occurring).  Now I would hate to think it is for something as insane as murderers not paying fines and restitution, but for some reason I can't help myself.



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