Che Guevara's granddaughter leading her own revolution...

Lydia GuevaraEveryone meet Lydia Guevara, the granddaughter of infamous Cuban revolutionary (and 21st century pop culture icon) Ernesto "Che" Guevara.  She is posing semi-nude along with other models as part of PETA's new "Vegetarian Revolution" ad campaign.

PETA spokesperson (and we are just going to assume that he has a soft effeminate voice brought about by too much soy in his diet) Michael McGraw states that the campaign will be kicked off in October is Che's homeland of Argentina and will be seen internationally.

Lydia Guevara

Che GuevaraWhat is sad about this is that this poor deluded girl (and the rest of the silly broads participating in this mess) really honestly think that they are doing something more than standing there wearing very little clothes.  She is not winning hearts and changing minds (something her grandfather espoused in his revolutionary handbook, Guerilla Warfare)...  She is standing in front of the world naked as a jay bird, wearing a bullet belt with carrots in it instead of bullets (which would be of more use if she really did, in fact, intend on stopping the slaughter and consumption of animals the world over).

I wonder if at any point someone at PETA is going to figure out that they do themselves more harm than good with these senseless "shock" themed campaigns.  It is bad enough to be some weepy vegan... but to be a low rent one???  Down right shameful.


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