Al Franken Good Enough, Smart Enough for Senate

stuartsmalley-1And doggone it, the state Supreme Court of Minnesota likes him! At least, that's the impression they left after ruling unanimously in his favor in his bid to unseat Republican Senator Norm Coleman. The Senate contest had raged on ever since last year's national election on November 4, when the vote was too close to call. Coleman had emerged the apparent winner at first, until a recount mandated by state law reversed that initial assessment. The lengthy legal battle over disqualified votes and absentee ballots that ensued was reminiscent of the disputed 2000 election.

colemanColeman conceded the election Tuesday, after the Minnesota Supreme Court refused to overturn a lower court decision, granting victory to Franken. The North Star State had been without a second United States senator since Coleman's term expired in January. Many had expected Franken to succeed in his quest after state courts continually sided with him and his slight edge in the vote count did not dissipate. Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) had refused to sign the election certificate while Coleman was contesting the outcome.

However, with Coleman's official defeat, Pawlenty has vowed to sign it immediately.

Franken now joins the US Senate, but his impact may be muted, as Democratic Senators Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were recovering in the hospital from brain cancer and a staph infection, respectively. Without those two, the Dems only have 58 senators, short of the 60 needed to quell Republican filibusters. Considering the contentious health care and energy bills on deck, they may not have the numbers to overcome obstructionist GOP parliamentary maneuvers.

I'm just happy that this ongoing Jew-on-Jew violence has ceased. We're all mishpokhe here, guys! Keep your eyes affixed on the goyim! And perhaps the Senate could use a comedian, though Franken will probably water down his material now that he's a member of the political establishment in an effort to look more statesmanlike and avoid gaffes.

On a side note, have you noticed how there are hardly any intelligent politically conservative comedians? Dennis Miller lost most of his sense of humor when he became a Republican Party water boy (instead of a principled conservative). Rich Vos and Nick DiPaolo have never hit it really big, but both are two of the few funny Right Wingers around. Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and the rest of the blue collar crew aren't up for debate due to the "intelligent" qualifier. And their habit of using "blue collar" interchangeably with "redneck" is increasingly irksome. For the record, Blue State lower middle class: blue collar. Red State lower middle class: redneck.

nicrichPerhaps Vos and DiPaolo should run someday. Wouldn't it be nice if the Republicans elicited laughter in response to something they said that was intentionally humorous? Rather than merely presenting their views on evolution or family values and hearing guffaws from an irony-appreciating audience of voters.


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