New pro marajuana ads hitting the California airwaves...

MarajuanaLet's hope P. Ditty was right when he told us it was all about the Benjis.

The Marijuana Policy Project is beginning to run ads on California television, gearing up for the coming debate on the complete legalization (and taxation) of marijuana in California set to begin later on this year.  The ad attempts to show Californians just how much cash is in it for them (them being the State) should the bankrupt state allow a measure to decriminalize and tax the distribution of marijuana to pass.

The 30 second spot, airing on several network and cable channels in the Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco viewing areas, features a retired government worker commenting on how the state legislature is ignoring millions of Californians just dying to pay taxes in the cash strapped state (and with the state looking at a $26 billion deficit which will no doubt force the state to cut back on all services, anyone looking to kick a few sheckles up to Sacramento is a good thing).  According to the ad, those millions (... and millions) of eager tax payers are the state's marijuana consumers forced by the Draconian laws of the US government to take thier money into black markets (thus not generating any tax revenue for the State).

As many of you may recall, in February California State Rep. Tom Ammiano (D- San Francisco) introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana and for the State to be allowed to tax and regulate the product in the same manner that they reign over the alcohol business.  He estimates that should the state of California allow this measure to pass, it would mean estimates upward of a billion dollars a year annually for the state.PRO MARAJUANA PROTESTS

Now I know that I do not have to convey to you people just how important it is for California to pass this thing.  Once California allows this measure to pass and the rest of the state sees that they didn't fall into the sea because of it, then it's Katie bar the door time.  All the states- be it on the Coasts of in fly over country- will see the enormous financial windfall that legalization and taxation brings to a state, and begin to look at thier out of date laws and seek a more compassionate and responsible sort of plan (especially if the estimates are right and freeing the weed does bring in a billion in previously untaxed revenue)

So hang tough, marijuana enthusiasts... The day of liberation is coming... And coming sooner than you think.    With more and more citizens (from both sides of the isle mind you) seeing that it might be more beneficial for the state to tax ganja, the climate is finally becoming ideal for greedy politicians to do the right thing (granted, for self serving purposes) and I believe that within the next five years there will be a major shift in the marijuana policies of the United States.  This, my friends, would be change we can believe in.