I Want Robot Legs, Honda Makes Them

Honda Robot Lets I want metal robot legs. I actually can't think of anybody who doesn't want them. Imagine being able to run 50 miles an hour or slam dunking on 30 foot baskets. That's why I'm excited that they're here. Honda makes them and hopefully soon I'll be able to buy them.

That's right, Honda, who is famous for making cars and motorcycles is going into robotics. This isn't the first time they market a product that is out of the mainstream for them. They manufacture airplanes, watercraft, atv's, lawnmowers, and generators. Remember they also built Asimo the robot.Robot legs

That's where it all begins with Asimo, and now that technology is going to be used in devices meant to aid people with walking problems. Using lessons learned in robotic legs and simulating human walking Honda has developed 2 systems and has put them in use around their assembly plants to improve productivity while reducing injury risks. They call it Walk Assist and it comes in 2 flavors With Stride Management and With Bodywieght Support. The main purpose for these 2 systems is to boost your natural abilities. They are designed to help people who can walk increase the weight they can move and reduce injuries in lifting or moving heavy objects. Honda factory workers building cars and vans use them to move heavy parts.

I can't wait until I can get a pair or even better a full Mech-Suit so I can be the coolest guy on my block.

Newer Robot Legs Mechanical HipsTo use the legs, you just slip on the shoes and adjust the seat. Then motors move the frame and seat position while lithium-ion batteries keep the system powered for about two hours. While they still aren't the legs I dream of giving me above human strength, they are a step in the right direction. Plus now I know when I become a crotchety old man I'll be able to walk without a walker or assistant. I can't wait until I can get a pair or even better a full Mech-Suit so I can be the coolest guy on my block.

Who doesn't want Robot Legs? These Japanese factory workers are lucky enough to have them!

Honda Factory Workers Using Robot Legs



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