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The good people at Facebook have apparently grown tired of every Tom, Dick, and Harry forwarding them that stupid chain email about how stupid people all over the country embarrass themselves, ruin personal relationships, lose their jobs, or in some way manage to sabotage their lives because of something stupid they decided to post on Facebook.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg (swingingest of dicks in the Facebook nation) posted an open letter, discussing privacy issues being come zuckerbergacross as the social networking medium begins to take a more permanent hold on our day to day lives , as well as the solutions Facebook is hoping to have concocted to deal with these situations head on.

As of today, Facebookers will have the option to dictate just who will get to see certain posts, as well as access to the rest of the information on their Facebook page.  The theory behind this being that now, when someone wants to complain about work, or put their contact info on there for their friend's to have access to, or talk about a dalliance with someone special, or just vent about work they can have greater control over just who has the ability to get such status updates.  There will also be a "Transition Tool", an application created to help Facebookers figure out how to utilize these new privacy functions , as well as a "Privacy Center", intended to provide further assistance with the new privacy settings.

facebook-at-workOf course, these measures will do nothing to keep the idiots of the world from shooting themselves in the foot via a horrible status update or inappropriate picture they decided to post for the "world" to see.  These people are stupid, and no amount of explanation, instruction, or hand holding is going to keep stupid people managing to screw the pooch.  It's just what stupid people do...

All this does is help those of us intelligent and conscious enough to understand that the internet is not really private at all put an extra layer of protection for our personal information, not to mention, I'm sure, keeping Facebook free from any future potential for litigation due to stupid behavior on the net.