Follow up: Naked Man convicted!!!


In October, Erick Williamson was minding his  own business , drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying a nice Virginia morning as he always did... in the nude... when two female neighbors happened to catch sight of him.  Enter the police, national media, and presto change!!!  A national media story in the making, complete with nosey neighbors and a naked man. It was like an episode of Friends.

Three months later, a jury of his peers convicted the Virginia man of indecent exposure, though Williamson is not going to have to serve any time in jail or pay a fine.

"I think that being tried and found guilty of something like this is outrageous," said the single father after he was convicted and sentenced. "I feel like I'm living in a fishbowl."

Williamson has claimed that his "morning ritual" was nothing more than him exercising his personal freedoms and that he is a victim of a societal double standard.

"If I was looking in her window, I think we'd be having a whole different conversation."

The 29 year old commercial truck driver claims that he is intending to appeal the ruling though doing so might make him likely to face a tougher sentence, which could include as much as a year in jail.

"Mere nudity is insufficient to declare conduct obscene.  Nudity in one's own home is not a crime," states Dickson young, Erick Williamson's lawyer, noting that neither of the witnesses against Williamson claimed that his client either had an erect penis or made any sort of gesture at them.

And as much as it makes your skin crawl to have to defend someone who is inconsiderate enough to stand in front of a large open window to drink his coffee naked as a jaybird for the whole world to see, so long as this prick did it from inside of his own house, there is no crime.

Tasteless and not very neighborly... yes... But criminal, not so much.

So best of luck to Erick Williamson on the appeal of his conviction... And let's hope at the very least Erick has learned to keep is curtains closed.


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