CBS rejects NORML ad....

normlExplain this to me because, truthfully I must not be smart enough to understand this.  CBS has refused to sell advertising space to NORML for an ad they wanted to run on the digital billboard located in Times Square.  Their reason for rejecting the pro-marijuana ad???  It was "too political'.

Now the part that is confusing me, as well as NORML's executive director Allen St. Pierre, is that while NORML's billboard ad which would have been seen by the passersby in Times Square was deemed "too political" and rejected, the Focus on the Family ad starring NCAA stand out Tim tim-tebow"White Jesus" Tebow intending on bringing a pro-life message to the biggest advertising stage of the year (Super Bowl Sunday) was deemed perfectly acceptable.

“...Both Focus on the Family and NORML are 501(c)(3) organizations, the only difference is in what we advocate," stated St. Pierre, in regards to CBS and their advertising policy. “CBS not allowing a free exchange of ideas is one more reason why prohibition has lasted so long."

St. Pierre is right too. 

For CBS to deem a pro-life ad, which will be run during the Super Bowl (and seen by hundreds of millions of people the world over) met their criteria while a 15 second billboard spot intended to be run by NORML on a digital billboard was deemed to be 'too political' is a little tough to swallow.

Of course, we at the Constitutional are not concerned about the ad being too political and will run it with every intention of making sure everyone gets to see it (which is more than what we can say about the anti baby killing ad featuring the over rated 3rd round pick from Florida).  Enjoy!!!




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