Are Viruses Making Us Fat?

And we all thought those slump breakers were harmless…

For years, broads have told me that it is not their fault that they are big fat fatties.  And while it may very well have nothing to do with their thyroid, it may very well actually be a medical issue causing them to get fat.

American doctor Nikhil Dhurandharhas spent the past ten years of life researching this very theory.  And what he found is quite shocking indeed.  Turns out that people might be getting fat because of the common cold.Adenovirus- 36, a mutation of the common cold virus, apparently not only makes you get the sniffles but it also makes you pack on the pounds.  How does the good doctor explain how this is possible?  Like this:"When this virus goes to the fat tissue it replicates making more copies of itself and in the process increases the number of fat cells, which may explain why people get fat when infected with this virus." While it would be rational for us to simply poo-poo the claims of this quack, it would be wise for us to pause for a minute and think on what he said.  What if this man is right and just being around fat people is making you fat?  What if that jolly winded fellow sweating out of his shirt in the corner of the office is not just burying childhood trauma as he smacks of his hourly sack full of Oreos.  What if he is spreading a “fat plague”?  It makes perfect sense.  All over the world, countries are more and more being alarmed by the increasing waistlines of their citizens.  Warnings, diets, and illness have done nothing to make these obesity numbers drop.  Maybe it is because people literally can’t help it.  Remember, there is no cure for the common cold.And that would mean there is no chance of stopping the rise of the morbidly obese… not by conventional means anyways.  If only there was a more final solution for problems such as this….If only…


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