New York set to legalize medicinal marijuana...

nytimes_wo_rx_weed_300pxFor the second straight year, the New York state Senate committee has passed through a bill legalizing the medicinal usage of marijuana.  A similar bill passed through the State Assembly's Health Committee last month.  Last year, the senate attempted to pass a similar bill, though once it made it to the floor, the Bill lost momentum.

“We applaud the New York Senate Health Committee members for doing the right thing and taking this important step toward protecting sick and dying New Yorkers from arrest or jail,” said Noah Mamber, legislative analyst with the Marijuana Policy Project. “Let’s hope New York legislators will follow the lead of New Jersey, the state next door, which is about to become the 14th state to implement an effective medical marijuana law.”

Iperson-smoking-marijuanan 2007 and 2008, the New York State assembly has voted to pass medicinal marijuana laws, but both times, the bill never made it to the senate for a vote.  Last year, a bill made it through the Assembly and looked like it had a god chance of making it through the senate until a power struggle for leadership within the senate kind of threw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.

Should New York pass the measure this time, it would be the fifteenth state to allow for the medicinal usage of marijuana.