Nationl Zoo panda may be preggers!!!!

100402-mei-xang-panda-745a.rp350x350The National Zoo in Washington DC announced today that they may have knocked up their panda, Mei Xiang.

Mei Xiang, one of the last 1800 (1600 in the wild, 200 in captivity) remaining pandas left in the world, was artificially inseminated in January.  A recent rise in the animal's hormone levels, as well as the exhibition of pregnant panda behavior, had led her veterinarians to believe that the panda, notorious for false positives, may in fact be with cub. 

Though as of yet weekly ultrasounds have yet to show a fetus (panda don't form a fetus until the final trimester) and the panda's long history of erratic hormone levels has her zookeepers hedging their bets a bit, there is a quiet hopefulness that in somewhere between 40 to 50 days, the national Zoo will soon be hearing the pitter patter of little paws (not to mention the clitter clatter of the bags full of money the arrival of a panda cub will bring to the zoo).

And I have no idea why we give a shit.

giant-pandasSeriously, why are we so gung ho about saving a species that has apparently lost the will to continue?

It’s not like they are dying off because people are slaughtering them indiscriminately, for coats and rugs and the sort.  This species in dying off because they just don't want to fuck each other anymore... Either that or all the males have all gone gay. 

Any way you slice it, it all comes down to basic biology.  For a species to continue to survive, they have to procreate.  For mammals, and Pandas are mammals, that involves having sex.  Something the male pandas seem to have no interest in.  It' the only way to explain how there are STILL a shortage of pandas in this world. 

Bottom line is any species getting wiped off the face of the Earth because they just don't want to screw anymore is not meant to exist any longer.  Think of it as "God's Will" if it makes you feel better.


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