Denver to vote on disclosure commission...

mexicoResidents of Denver, Colorado will be voting in August in order to see if the city will charge an official commission to investigate the believed government effort to cover up the existence of aliens.  The proposal, if passed, would set up the Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs commission.

raphaThe commission would be responsible for investigating claims that the government is deliberately covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life, alien abductions and even a cure for cancer.

Wait.... it gets weirder...

 Political action committee has recently registered itself with the city of Denver, and this group only has one stated mission:  stopping the investigation of aliens (in Denver anyways).

MIB_monster_397x224The ironically acronym MIB (Mission for Inhibiting Beurocracy) is deadset in stopping Denver from spending public dollars in the investigation of aliens and the alleged cover up.

"Until we have a city website ready to welcome the second coming of Jesus, or welcoming fairies, or anything based in belief, not fact, this is just not a correct way to use a city government website," said MIB member Matthew Baxter.

In its propaganda, the MIB alleges that the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission’s goal of posting its findings on Denver’s website would cost the city $23,000 a year, while the election itself will cost $100,000 because a ballot must be mailed to every registered voter.

Is there anybody out there...

As I ponder on the above tale, I am left perpetually scratching my head...

On the one hand I applaud the efforts of the people of Denver in wanting to once and for all blow the lid off of this whole "UFO cover-up” that has been going on in this country for decades. 

abductAnyone who has been following UFO sightings in America is well aware that the vast majority of them happen out west, with many coming out of Colorado every year (some 1143 alleged sighting in the past few years).  So for there to be a group out there, like Denver's "Extraterrestrial Affairs committee”, intending on looking into these things (things, I might add, our government might be less than willing to fully tell us about) is a good thing...

But in these brutal economic times, where cities and states are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet, to have an expensive special vote about whether or not to spend more of a municipality's precious financial resources on something as frivolous as this is just madness.  I mean, this is the kind of program that would have raised a few eye brows in the most idyllic of economic circumstances.  To think such expenditure would be ok in these hard economic times is just reckless. 

What’s worse, at least from my perspective, is that I know from what manner of frustration such recklessness is born of, and that despite this action (should it pass that is) nothing will ever bear from it.

alien1940Many in the UFOlogy community long for the official disclosure of what the government knows about the UFOs and their alien pilots, including a complete detailing of the extensive history of the cover-up of the sightings and reports.  These people who long for this acknowledgment, many discredited witnesses of UFOs and reported victims of alien abduction, feel that this public acknowledgement from our public officials to a vast global cabal intent on keeping the existence of aliens a secret will be the only way to be their reward.  A "nanny nanny boo” on the grandest stage of them all, if you will.

invadeBut sadly, this will never happen.

UFOs and their alien pilots will one day be brought into the light of public acknowledgement... but only when our alien overlords deem it the right time to do so.  And once that day happens, our government officials - whether they had prior knowledge to the existence of extraterrestrials or not- will fain shock and bewilderment of people having their world view completely shattered. 

No massive cover up effort will ever be publicly admitted to... maybe whispered about in the smoke backrooms of the Ivory towers, but never publicly acknowledged.  no president will ever sit before the American people and say "We have known since Roswell...", no spooks from somewhere deep in the bowels of Langley will ever be made to sit before congress... no high military brass will be called to testify what he knows.  It will all be swept under the rug, the smoke from files being burned to crisps forming a covering smokescreen for those involved to hide the truth of the past sixty years.

alienAnd no one is going to care when this happens... not in the least.  They will be too busy questioning the world they have known, the God they have prayed to, and everything ever taught to them in a science class to notice that something this huge has been talked about for years and everyone in charge has spent an amazing amount of calories keeping it all under wraps.

And there is no commission big enough or public outcry loud enough to change that...

But keep those heads up true believers... they may never tell us everything, Rest assured that the truth always does find the light of day, and one day the greatest mystery ever known will be answered for all.


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