Turns out pot fixes brains and may cure cancer...

medical_pot_tinyHow about these apples...

While searching around the Internet today, I came across tidbits of pro-marijuana news blew me away. Not because they were life altering-I mean don't me wrong, these two bits of news a pretty fucking huge- but because I would have never come across them if not for my said in-depth Internet search.

 The first comes from the online journal Cell Communication and Signaling, which is reporting that the administration of marijuanathe non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) increases adult neurogenesis (the active production of new neurons) in laboratory animals. The authors speculated that cannabis’ pro-neurogenic effects may explain why the plant appears to be useful in the treatment of certain neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or ALS.

Pretty huge huh?

And as good as the news that marijuana does not kill brain cells as the bullshit government propaganda tells us but instead actually fixes brains, this next bit of news is even better.

Sure it fixes brains, but can it cure cancer???


smoking-marijuana-cigarettesThe second bit of news came from the June issue of the journal Pharmacology, where some data was published by research at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical University in Syracuse brought them to a rather shocking result.

 Turns out that the data, according to the researchers, led them to the conclusion that the administration of the plant cannabinoids delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC halted cellular respiration and tumor growth in human oral cancer cells. Specifically, investigators reported that cannabinoids were a “potent inhibitor” of Tu183 human cancer cells, a notoriously difficult to treat type of oral cancer.

Yes, you read that right little brains...

 medical marijuana in TexasPot can be used to successfully treat some oral cancers.

 And as huge as that is, it isn't even a big part of the story...

The big part of the story is that researchers for the United States government were aware of  the successful cancer fighting properties of marijuana in 1974 and kept it quiet (and any such claims made by anybody publicly discredited) because such findings went directly against their misguided policies against marijuana.

pot-leafThe 1974 study, done by researchers at the Medical College of Virginia who were funded by the National Institute of Health to find proof of the damaging effects of marijuana on the human immune system, found that THC slowed growth in three kinds of cancer in mice-lung, breast, and virally induced leukemia.

In response to their groundbreaking efforts, the DEA was quick to shut down the University of Virginia study and the 1976 president Gerald Ford ended all public research of marijuana.

The Giving Plant

Today, there are some 17,000 studies on the medicinal uses of marijuana (almost all of them positive mind you).  And it not for alternative media sources (Ahem, like this site) and a few burned-out 60s leftovers keeping their struggle against the Man strong, no one would really be reporting on any of it.

Not that this comes as a shock to marijuana enthusiasts. Just listen to NORML deputy director Paul Armentano:

medical-marijuana-card-main_full"Opponents of marijuana law reform - including those who oppose the therapeutic use of cannabis - are fond of claiming that further study of marijuana is necessary before we can amend current law. Yet in reality, cannabis is arguably the most investigated plant on Earth. It's clear that it's politics, not science, that is driving the criminal prohibition of cannabis and unfortunately the publication of another dozen - or even a thousand - studies is not going to change this reality."

And sadly, he is 100% right...

 It's almost as if there is some paranoid conspiracy between big governments (bent on total control of the population) and big medicine (bent on the sucking dry of the population) to keep the positive medicinal effects of marijuana hidden in order to continue bringing in billions in revenue (if you don't think that the government doesn't make billions keeping marijuana illegal, I don't know what to tell you).

 It's not that insane a thought...

 Think about it, racism and demonization read by big government and big lumber in order to make marijuana illegal. Why would it be such a shock to find big medicine helping big government keep it that way?



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