Blago Gets Impeached!

Ya know… you have to admire the balls on Blagojevich.  Standing in the face of a pending criminal indightement, getting thrown out of office, and maybe the end of his political career he did not flinch or waver.  In the echo of the tapes attained by the US attorney where the soon to be removed governor attempting to wheel and deal the vacated seat of Obama, he proclaimed his innocence.

He stood before the Illinois state senate, his hair as full and lustrous as ever and boldly exclaimed I have done nothing wrong.“You haven’t proved a crime, and you can’t because it didn’t happen.  How can you throw a governor out of office with insufficient and incomplete evidence.” Howled Blago, staring into a sea of really pissed off public officials.  But his cries fell upon deaf ears, as the Ill. Senate threw Rod out on his ass with a unanimous vote… with most of the votes  coming with little comments like “corrupt”, ”hypocrite”, and “devious”.His outsture from office ends a week that started by Blago blowing off his impeachment trial and going on a full scale media blitz.  The fucked up part of all of this is that technically he really didn’t do anything illegal.  Wrong?  Yes.  Immoral?  Sure!  But not illegal.  See, all the US attorneys have on him is that he had the intention of selling the seat.  He had been arrested by the Feds before he was able to actually sell the seat.  (Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that the prosecution pulled the trigger before the Blago scum could make its way to Obama).Should Blagojevich be found guilty in court of trying to sell the seat (which should be no problem what with the audio tapes of him trying to do so), he will be the fifth governor of the state of Illinois in a row to end up in the slam, which would lead us to believe that Illinois might be the most corrupt place on Earth. 



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