A majority of Californians support Prop 19...

marijuana truck2Good new has come out over california’s attempt to be the first American state to legalize and tax marijuana. 

Looks like most people want it...

A recent poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling found that 52% of Californians support the passage of Proposition 19, the prop that would legalize marijuana and allow it to be regulated, sold in Amsterdam styled cafes, and taxed at the point of sale by the state.  36% of those polled oppose it.

The poll also discovered that 38% of Californians say they’ve smoked marijuana. Still, 44% of those who claim they’ve never tried marijuana support its legalization… proving that it is not just a couple of burned out stoners supporting this california-marijuana-2prop. 

Democrats are more likely to throw their support behind the prop than Republicans. 62% of Democrats, 37% of Republicans and 55% of Independents support Prop 19.

African-Americans are the strongest supporters of Prop 19; 68:32, followed by Whites, who support it 53:37. Also discovered was that there is little discrepancy between generations. 65+ is the only age group that opposes the legalization of marijuana; 39:47.

You know what they say friends…. As goes California, so goes the nation.

Let’s just hope that the state governments in this nation find the idea of taxing marijuana smokers more than handcuffing them after they see the revenue windfall that will follow not only taxing of marijuana (rumored to be roughly 50 bucks an ounce) but the saving found in the reduced incarceration and law enforcement costs.

Let’s just hope…



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