Coming Soon: Titanium infused bones!

stanleeIs this an instance where life in once again imitating art or is it just more proof that Stan Lee has Cassandra- like powers of prophecy???

Scientists believe that newly discovered titanium foam may be the future of bone strengthening, repair, and replacement.

Bone implants are typically made of solid metal – usually titanium. Though well tolerated by the body, such implants are significantly stiffer than bone.  This means that an implant may end up carrying a far higher load than the bone it is placed x-men-origins-wolverine-20090130110818496_640wnext to, according to Peter Quadbeck of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials Research in Dresden, Germany. In a worst-case scenario, the decrease in stress placed on the bone means it will deteriorate, while the implant loosens and needs to be replaced.

Now Quadbeck and colleagues have created a titanium implant with a foam-like structure, inspired by the spongy nature of bone. The titanium foam does a better job than solid metal when it comes to matching the mechanical properties of bone, such as flexibility, and this encourages more effective bone regrowth.

What's more, the foam is porous, so the bone can grow around and within it, truly integrating the implant with the skeleton.

Yes friends… titanium infused skeletal systems…

As of yet the foam has not been approved for use in humans, but Quadbeck and colleagues are now working with physicians to explore its suitability for treating certain injuries.


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