How many Polock Excorcists does it take to....

power-of-chistSomething tells me this trend cannot lead to anything good...

Due to a belief by many Polish citizens in Satanic and demonic possession, there is a glut of Polish exorcists.

The number of Exorcists in Poland (priests capable of banishing demons from the bodies of people believed to be under the control of evil spirits0 in 1999 was somewhere in the ballpark of about 30 or so.

Linda-Blair-and-Max-von-S-001But while the rest of Polish society has seemingly turned their back on the Church an gone a more secular route, the demand of exorcisms in Poland has forced their ranks to swell in recent years.  The current head count at the Polish National Conference of Exorcists in Warsaw has homosexual_demonthem numbered at slightly over a hundred.

But the demand has less to do with the heightened interest of Satan and his horde of fallen angels on the souls of the Polish people and more to do with growing wariness within the Polish population as to the effectiveness of psychology in treating certain mental disorders.




thankfully though, unlike the Polish (who it would seem to have a vested interest in making sure that they remain the global butt of every joke), the Catholic Church recognizes advances in modern science, and claims that exorcists now work in tandem with psychologists in order to distinguish between psychiatric problems and the work of the devil.

exorcistR_468x355Gathering in Warsaw this week, the National Congress of Exorcists is something remanded by Poland's Catholic Church in order to lift the veil on what was once a secretive practice. Frustrated by the Hollywood image of cross-wielding exorcists engaged in dramatic conflicts with demons the Church intends to show the complicated and often more mundane world of exorcism where soft prayer and vigil are more often than not the solutions to such problems.


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