Reborn babies

I heard about this on the radio and it was so fucking mind blowing it prompted me to do some further research.  There is apparently this whole cult of womyn out there who are collecting fake babbies.

No, not fake babies like little grrls play with.  That would be odd, but by no means creepy or mind blowing.  By fake babies, what I mean is fake fucking babies.

They are called Reborns (, and they are creeeeeepy.  Pit in the basement making a skin suit creepy.

Don’t believe me?  Well why not have a gander at a direct quote from their web site if you will:

“The process of reborning a doll is being able to create as realistic baby as possible.

This is achieved by firstly buying or creating a doll mould to start the reborning process. It is then necessary to begin colouring the dolls head, body and limbs through a variety of different techniques to give a very realistic human skin effect. This takes multiple layers of different paints to create mottled effects such as that of a newborn baby. We also add veins and other methods to add that real lifelike quality effect.

Our babies arrive to customers weighted and stuffed to feel very cuddly and similar to that of a baby. The arms, legs and head are also weighted to give each doll a comparable baby weight.

For the doll to have realistic hair our preferred option is to root the head and eyelashes with high quality coloured mohair. The rooting process is achieved by using a special needle which locks each individual strand of hair into the vinyl doll body. This is done strand by strand and can take days, patience is essential.

The baby dolls hands and feet are also coloured, their tiny nails have been manicured and varnished to give a nice gloss finish. Our dolls come with both open and closed eyes. The nostrils are also opened so the baby can breathe and also gives a lifelike finish.

Other ideas can be added such as heartbeat, magnetic dummy and magnetic hair ribbon depending on our customer’s specifications. To finalize the creation the new lovely baby is dressed in quality baby clothes and boxed in a nice package ready for a new home.”

So what does one do when they get their hands on a brand new Reborn doll?  According to the Today Show, fill the void in their lives apparently.

“They fill a spot in your heart” one owner told Matt Lauer on the Today Show in October as she (and two other womyn) appeared on the show with their dolls.

I would try and think of more cruel things to say about these sad sacks, but for some reason beating up on sad lonely womyn who find the “love” lacking in their lives in the lifeless eyes of a doll seems unsporting.


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