I always knew that red lights cameras were wrong...


red_light_cameraApparently there is a peace officer in Butler County, Ohio that is coming out against the further oppression by local municipalities on their citizens through the implementation of red light cameras.

See, in Ohio, there is a bill in the congress that intends to ban the red light cameras from the state.  And Sheriff Richard K. Jones has come out rather strongly against the use of such tools.

"I am not against enforcing the traffic laws. I am against the cities in Ohio using camera technology to ticket individuals for traffic violations simply to boost their budgets," Jones said in a statement released Monday, April 6. "These cameras take a picture of your vehicle and license plate as you pass through the intersection. If the photo shows you have violated a traffic law - running the red light - a ticket is mailed to your home. We already have enough invasion of our privacy."

Personally, the fact that there is someone who holds power that is conscious of the possible abuses that may (and are) occurring in our new technological times is something that gives me hope for the future. As I see a federal government becoming more and more bloated as the days pass, as well as state governments looking to take more and more liberties from their citizens, the fact that the weapon the state looks to use to implement their rights corroding rules is aware that there is a line that governments should not pass, nor should they be let cross it by their police and militaries.


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