Round Two unkind to Humans...

kobal_arnieterminator2460After ending Round One of the Man vs. Machine Jeopardy! Challenge, Watson, the IBM supercomputer and its two human opponents played to a draw (Watson and Brad Rutter that is Ken Jennings got straight beat).

Watson found Round Two a bit more favorable.

Kennings and Rutter stood by and helplessly watched as Watson, not hampered the language recognition glitches that plagued it the night before, wiped the floor with them.

In case you missed it, checkout the footage below.  It really is impressive.

Knee before your silicon God…


The final score to today's match was $35,734 for Watson, $10,400 for Rutter and a lowly $4,800 for Jennings.

About the only consolation for humankind was that the computer missed its Final Jeopardy question.

But to be honest, any answer in the form of a question that isn’t inquiring as to the whereabouts of a Ms.   Sarah Conner from Watson is a good sign.

The third and final round of this battle for intellectual supremacy will air on Wednesday.  Check local listings for details.


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