To the victor goes the spoils...

340x_robopocMankind's final opportunity to defeat machine intellectual combat ended today.

Former jeopardy! Champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, faced off against Watson -the IBM supercomputer-faced off for their final meeting on the popular quiz show.

The first meeting ended in a draw; the second, a decisive ass kicking.

In the third???

While humans put up a valiant effort (namely Ken Jennings, who had played like shit the previous two rounds) to keep things honorable, again the night ended up all Watson.

Again came down to final Jeopardy! With Watson leading in Jennings within striking distance...

Jennings correctly answered the question about a19th Century novelists was accompanied by a message: "I for one welcome our computer overlords." The message was prescient. Watson also had the correct answer, though, winning it the game with $77,973 total.

At the event, Dave Ferrucci-the principal engineer behind Watson-said “"We're moving beyond Jeopardy!  With the Watson technology, we're going to look at creating a commercial offering in the next 24 months that will help empower doctors to do higher quality decision making and diagnoses."


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