Womyn Tries to Deport Other Womyn

As much as dumb broads irritate me, I must admit they put a smile on my face from time to time…

A Washington state womyn found out that her man was getting a little strange.  So she gathered up a gang of her closest grrlfriends, grabbed the “other womyn”, and drove her to the Canadian border and demanded her immediate deportation.
The womyn and her friends were then placed under arrest for false imprisonment, and the harlot they kidnapped was set free.  There is no word as to whether or not she was in fact an illegal Canadian.
For some reason, the poor bastard that this crazy broad was dating just dodged one psychotic bullet on this one.  Can you just imagine what kind of twisted majik show it must have been to date this nutbag?
And I am also willing to bet all the cash I have on him justifying his putting up with this madness cause she was a freak in the bedroom. 
Ya know… guys are idiots too.


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