Montana Rep wants lighter DUI laws...

AmericanFlagIt is difficult for an American to look at our current political landscape and have any hope for the future.

Row after row of slimy men (and women) wearing expensive suits and flashing aftermarket smiles saying whatever they have to in order to be sent to the seats of power and corruption (and for all the wrong reasons to boot).

immortal68But in Montana there is a “Mr. Smith” just begging to be sent to Washington... a true patriot I feel might be ready to grab the bureaucratic bull by its bloated, over regulated horns and start grinding some logic out of our “drugged into madness from the overabundance of crazy pills America has been snorting off of golden toilet seats of opulence for decades now” system.

World, say hello to Rep. Alan Hale, local bar owner and representative of the good people of Basin, Montana, who is convinced that DUI laws are choking his state to death.

Check it out…

“Mr. Chairman, people have been driving around the streets of the great state of Montana drunk off our asses since our father’s father’s fathers…”

Wow… who would have thought proclaiming drunk driving as some sort of local tradition that holds the security of the local economy within its boozy sweaty grasp would come off as such a reasoned and well thought out argument.

alan-hale-2011I’ll tell you who… the kind of fucking guy you want sitting in the seat of power... a man who does not long for it.

 In all seriousness though, this is why nothing ever fucking changes in our political system.

Because no one has the fucking balls to stand before a gathering of people as say, with God as his witness, that driving drunk regulations need to be readdressed.

It’s something we have all thought about… maybe even talked to with our significant others while driving home after having a few drinks at supper.  Not enough to mess you up, mind you… enough though to pop the .08 that most states currently arrest you for blowing (word to the wise… Always refuse to blow.)

Only problem is that in order to maybe get that level down to something a little more reasonable you have to have a politician willing to stand in front of the world and claim his for drunk drivers.

s-DUI-CHECKPOINT-DWI-largeAnd that really isn’t going to happen.

It’s the only reason why pot is still illegal.

No politician wants to leave the sound bite out there of them being in favor of something that may be viewed by a majority of people to be immoral, evil, or malicious.

Sadly, statements like “We need to loosen drunken driving laws” and “Free the weed” still are…


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