Mitt Romney announces interest in running in 2012...

Mitt-Romney-Image-MashableMitt Romney, the well quaffed former Massachusetts governor who got his ass kicked in the 2008 Republican primaries by Sen. John McCain, has put the end the speculation and has formally thrown his hat in the ring for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, marking the beginning of the “real” campaign announcements (as much fun as it will be to see Trump in a debate, odds are this presidential run is more publicity stunt and venting of genuine frustration as opposed to legit blitz for the Big Chair, but you really never know…).

In this understated video announcing his intentions to the world, Romney demands a return for America to its path towards greatness, claiming that America needs a President willing to bring a strong economy back to the country and fiscal discipline to Washington if it intends to see itself once again as that bright shining city on the hill that the rest of the world marveled at.

Released Monday to the internet, the former Governor (who really couldn’t get voters to bat an eye four years ago) is hoping that the slowly dying economy, turbulent geopolitical climate, a White House seemingly unable to relate it’s message to the American people, and the President’s rapidly eroding approval numbers are just the sort of combination to give him the much needed boost into the Oval Office.

Check it out:

Hail to the Whogivesafuck….

Maybe it is my cynicism after two and a half years of watching “the One we have been waiting for” do almost everything he went on and on about during the campaign claiming that his predicesor- a man Obama all but called “retarded”- should have been strung up by his end trails like Mousillini for having done, but for some reason I really am starting to think that it doesn’t matter who we put into fucking office.

Republican… Democrat… It’s doesn’t seem to make a difference who is signing the bills really as whoever it is that is running these men seem to hold all the cards, and it don’t look  like they really want to put those damn things down any time soon…  

We put Obama in office because he vowed to turn back the clocks from the messes of Dubya: put our economy back on the right course, bring the troops home, cut the deficit in half, and three years into this dance we are bankrupt, fighting in three Middle East wars, and about out of time if we ever had any hope of turning a lot of this nonsense around. 

mitt_romney_for_president_2012_And now here comes Romney... someone Republican voters already said they didn’t want in charge after the last bumbling moron we had in charge.  Did he think it was going to be different this time???  Think because we gave the black guy a chance at running things it means we are letting any asshole who feels like taking the stick just up and do so???


Maybe it’s just me but if we, as a society, ever expect to find ourselves on a different path than we have found ourselves on for the past few years it might mean that we need to start sending different people up to Washington to navigate us, as opposed to the same worn out politicians time and time again…

I mean seriously… who are we going to get to pick from this cycle???

The Bum we currently are letting ruin things for our children’s children???

The Ken Doll we rejected last time?

palinThe gun toting Barbie Doll?

Will it be possible that the only way to make a real vote for change in this current political system is going to require the voter to choose between an egotistical billionaire (Trump) and Ron Paul (who, bless his libertarian heart, really must love getting his ass kicked)???

Somewhere along the line, our nation lost itself…

I hope enough of us are willing to help find it…


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