Shallow Thoughts: French Ban On Veils

france-veilThe French put a ban on Muslim Veils...although not exactly!  I actually can't believe this story just came up again seeing recently this past Friday night me and some friends were just talking about the French putting this into law...And then long and behold what always happens PROTESTS (AKA: Have nothing better to do).


You see the French actually have this completely right because the fact is their county was founded by their own culture and religion and any other culture or religion that is there emigrated from another country. They‘re seen as equals with different beliefs but the fact is even though they are still equals, times change and you have to think of your own countryman. You see unless you have lived under a rock for the past decade or longer many cultures have been under attack by Muslim extremists.  So now it is time to protect your people and do what you have to do but the only problem you run into like most Democratic countries is the activists factor.  These people come out of the woodwork or woods (depending on whether those tree huggers have made anything of themselves yet) and then of course the people who it affects- Muslim Women.


female-suicide-bomberNow for the Shallow thoughts...Fuck this whole PC system that Western Countries (especially America) have allowed  to bring them to their knees and have them saying thank you sir may I have another because that’s what is happening everyday in these Democratic Countries. Until now where of all people the French have taken the initiative to get off their knees and stand up for themselves and had enough with trying not to hurt feelings.  Now of course one of the oldest and most used on about a daily basis in the West excuses is being played the old RACE CARD!!!!! AAAAHHAHHHA OH NO....Fuck that petty shit.  Listen here, the French are not being racist they are thinking about the security of their country and who has attacked their country and many like it theirs in the recent past...Pause for Dramatic affect..............................MUSLIM EXTREMISTS what a fucking Shocker, Especially now that women extremists are carrying out attacks.  And you know what these women wear veils and cannot be identified, Veils (AKA: beard, camouflage, cloak, conceal, cover, cover up, disguise, enclose, enshroud, mask, obscure, secrete, shield, shroud, wrap), Also by definition depending in what context you use it is defined as to hide or disguised.  Now it is not racist for the French government to make it “illegal to hide a face in the public space." That is how the law is written in as it doesn't say you can't wear your Veil but this French guy can wear his Ski masks wherever he goes, fuck he's not a Muslim so no worries.

The Bottom line is when you leave your country to stay in a foreign country you have to conform to some of their customs. You can't move to America and open a store and say catch someone stealing product so you chop the guys hand off. Granted it may bring crime rates down a bit.  So Muslim men and women you must understand because of a certain kind of person performing terrorist’s acts causes new rules and customs that still allow you to believe whatever you want, you have to allow them protect themselves also.  And if you can't wrap your head around that then go on back where you came from and where it’s accepted because until then you’re going to have to take it like people take gas prices up the ass cause that’s just how it is.

Now America must learn a lesson from France taking a step towards a less PC world seeing that we are the number one target for any sort of extremist.  It’s time to take the pussy gloves off and stop allowing other beliefs and religions run everyone’s lives and the politicians need not to worry about the protests because as always half will agree with you the other won't. Plus in America protest won't last as long as in say Egypt because most of those hippies will run out of herbal tea sooner or later and leave. By the way did you know that America already has basically the same law as the one the French just passed?  Friends and I saw last night  the man that dresses as batman and was arrested for wearing the mask in a public store in Florida. I’m just saying if he can't wear his mask why do they get to wear theirs. If we don't start taking care of our own then as Thom Acee has pointed out their going to look at us a bunch of Vaginas having a pillow fight.  Hey Lloyd I use to think the French were assholes but now I think their pretty fucking cool.



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