Shallow Thoughts: Chinese Death Wagons

chinese_death_wagonSo what do you think this is a police bus or the #7 Greyhound coming to give you a ride to the airport...If you thought either one then you’re definitely wrong.  Ladies and Gentleman I give you the "Chinese Death Bus."

I came across this the other day as I saw on Fox news that the California Teachers Union has passed a resolution to support a cop killer named Mumia Abu-Jamal who shot and killed a police officer during a routine traffic stop back in 1982.  And now you have this stupid fucking useless TEACHERS UNION who for some reason across the country has something to complain about and strike about...personally they just need to disband these teachers unions, too often thousands kids are made to miss school because of the strikes and this causes parents to have to miss work and lose money. Fucking pansies, shouldn’t they be working on improving the school system and education instead of wasting children’s educations?  Free-Mumia

But back to what this is about this man Mumia Abu-Jamal KILLED a POLICE OFFICER in 1982, there were several witnesses, he had his gun on him, 5 shell casings on the ground from his clip and he was shot by the officer once. Also, he even confessed while on scene pretty open and shut to me...which he was convicted for first degree murder and then sentenced to least one day he will be dead, even after his appeals and support saying they basically were racist about the proceedings, but that is not the issue here. The issue here is he is a good example of how our (America) justice system works.  Now there are many different times served on death row from lowest being (I believe from a quick search) 248 days and longest over 30 years.  So Housing, air conditioning, food etc... Is all paid for, a person who the courts found guilty enough to put to death. Now who pays for these lengthy all inclusive no star resorts? Us, the TAX PAYERS.

Now this is where China has the right idea and we should copy it. The Death Bus that literally travels to your doorstep if necessary to bring you aboard and believe it or not use humane lethal injection instead of shooting you like they use too.  The reasoning for these criminal grim reapers is the economic value they found. A fleet of buses cost less than maintaining killing areas in prisons, "GENIUS.” Could you imagine if the US built a fleet of these things it would be one the most criminal deterrent ever, while maybe not better than china that has around 68 crimes they give death penalty for including tax evasion that would be quite a few Americans. 

Westboro_Baptist_ChurchThis falls into my list of what would make a better America/Keep our edge over other countries.  Our only problem would once again be something that haunts me at night is the protesters. Don't get me wrong I am for Freedom of Speech but not over just anything and everything. Just because something is new and you don’t like it doesn't mean you have to mass protest and give everyone a headache just grow up.  Especially you Westboro Baptist Church who protest any soldier or anyone they want because they can. If you don't believe in or like homosexuality then don't but don't attack people at their lowest time, especially when it has nothing to do with them, fallen soldiers who fight to protect your freedoms. So keep doing what you’re doing and hey maybe one these meet you maker machines will roll up in front of your house one day for all the good and pointless protesting that you enjoy.

John Handey


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