Hostages? Who still takes hostages???

hostageSomehow today was the first day I had heard of this story about the jackass who took hostages then updated his Facebook all about it.

Apparently like two weeks ago, this jackass in Utah took a lady hostage after a short chase with the Police.  It was during that stand off with the authorities, he tto the time to update his facebook and even post a picture of himself and the hostage. (His friends also were sending him support as well as logistic information.) He ran from them when the police came to serve him with a warrant for an unrelated drug charge.


Something about this story bugs the shit out of me…

Not the fact that he ran from the cops nor that he had the gall to update his Facebook while being sweated out by the Fuzz.

What pisses me off about this whole mess is that for whatever reason, this freaking moron took a hostage.

Dog Day Afternoon

I get why he ran.

I even get why he updated his Facebook. This is probably as interesting as this moron ever was... day after day of bad Rick Ross lyric knockoffs and shout out to fallen homies... finally asshole had something important to say.

dog-day-afternoon-two-disc-special-edition--20060216054546748-000What I don’t get is how in a world with all the movies Where the hostage situation ends poorly, and all the books where hostage situations end poorly, and every time some jerkoff criminal tries to pull it off in real life it ends poorly, we still have criminals that feel that their best option in a given situation is to take a hostage.


Because it has worked every other time it has been tried…

It just pisses me off.

You would think at some point common sense would take hold. Maybe a little out of the box thinking…

If you are at a point where you are really left with no other choice but to turn yourself into the authorities or drag an innocent civilian into the situation, really give some thought to the idea of turning yourself in.

SonnyDeathLess likely to end up in a hail of gunfire (also, if the plan is to end up dead in a hail of gunfire then have the decency to go out Young Guns style. Going out in a blaze of glory a much better way to die than being picked off by SWAT team sniper half a mile away), not going to tack on the additional charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment to those charges you already have waiting for you.

It seems like the best option to me.


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