Canadian woman poisons office with marijuana...

You really do have to love Canada sometimes…

Police were called to an office min the Canadian city of Victoria because of what was being alleged as a poisoning.

See, someone in the office brought in a pan of brownies had been found in the freezer the night before in order to share with her fellow co-workers. But about an hour or so after the coffee break, people in the office began reporting a strange feeling of disorientation, light headedness, and just an overall “off feeling”.

HashBrowniesUpon doing a little deeper investigating, the son of the woman who had brought in the brownies admitted to having baked a batch of hash brownies a few weeks prior and having put it in the freezer, where he completely forgot about them.

Having occurred in Canada, the Mounties has decided to not press charges to the woman who brought in the “magic brownies” nor her dull witted pot head kid (though it is expected for him to do some community service to prove to everyone how sorry he was for unwittingly turning on his mom’s entire office).

Turn on, tune in, drop out…

I feel for this kid…

He is not the first cannabis enthusiast to have “misplaced” his magic brownies before.

About six years ago or so, I went through a serious “Cooking with Ganja” phase I’m sure all potheads eventually go through.

eating-weed-hemp-beach-tv-hbtvWasn’t a bad time in life or anything… all my food had a slight hint of marijuana earthiness in every bite, but other than that, it was a right stone-a-rific time.

But like any good party, this one invariably had to come to an end…

This one happened to do so because of a similar occurrence...

During this time I had adopted a young friend of mine who was just starting out in college and always looking for a nice meal. I would invite him to come by the house whenever he wanted to enjoy in my cable, partake in my wine, and eat my food (primarily my leftovers, which I never ever eat).

On this particular day, he called me up to say he was sorry for having eaten an entire tray of these amazing brownies he had found in my fridge and that he was on his way to the store to pick me up another flat to make up for it.

I started telling him that it was fine and not to worry about it (after all, brownies are made to be eaten, right?) when I recalled that the only brownies I had in my fridge were of the magic inclination; baked special for a Riders of the Purple Sage concert I was planning on attending later on that day.


Me- “Wait... you ate the brownies in the fridge?”

Young Friend- “Yea...”

M- “Ohhhh… I hope you weren’t busy later on…”

I started laughing midway through this sentence, the schadenfreude of the situation too much for my sick sense of humor to suppress…

YF- “What’s going on…”

pot-brownies(Doing my best Jamaican accent) M- “ ‘em were majik brownies white boy…”

I heard the phone go quiet.

My young friend made an uneasy sound, as though he had really fucked up….

YF- “Oh fuck… what’s going to happen to me…”

M- “Depends on how much you ate. Did you really eat the whole pan?”

YF- “No, about half of it…”

I chuckled again…

M- “Ok, you might wanna hunker down… maybe watch some TV… You are about to get fucked up. You ever smoke pot before? Or eat it?”

YF- “No. Never have…”

M- “Well congratulations… you popped your cherry.”

mackyThe following day, my young ward called me to let me know he had made it through the night and that he believed himself to be forever changed. He had stayed awake all evening watching King of the Hill and realizing he had never “really” listened to music before that night. He also asked if I could sell him an 1/8th of whatever it was that he had eaten the night before.

Brownies… the true gateway…


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