Man sues co-workers for taste of lotto pool...

lottoAn Ohio man has sued his co-workers in order to get his hands on lotto winnings he feels he has some claim to.

39 year old Edward Hairston is suing the 22 members of his office lotto pool for keeping him out of a pool claiming a take of some 99 million dollars. Hairston feels that because of some unwritten policy between the group to cover people when they were absent on the collection day, it entitles him to collect as a member of the winning pool of employees (a pool which he was a part of unwaveringly for 8 years prior).

But it seems that while he was a steady player for those eight years that he was there in the office, it seems that for the three months that he was out of work due to a back injury (which he no doubt sustained at said job) he made zero effort to buy into the office game.

For his trouble, the Ohio man is requesting the fair amount of $2 million dollars (his cut of the winnings).

This case will be before a judge on December 12th, with an order coming from the bench that the lotto winners set aside some $2.8 million in escrow (just in case Mr. Hairston successfully proves his case).

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie… I need, I need…

ohio-lottoWhile I feel empathy for Mr. Hairston (and I really do… I can’t imagine what it would be like to feel like you were being kept from a life changing amount of money), he has zero claims on this money.

If it was like a week or two that he missed his tithe that would have been one thing… he had been playing the game for years and- prick or not- would have been a safe assumption to have been in for the week or two that he missed.

But this was not a week or two…

This was a three month trip to the shelf without a word. For all they knew he was gone for good.

It’s unfortunate for Eddie… but it is also what’s right.


pod-badluckThese stories seem to be coming up more and more in the news and it always leaves me asking two very specific questions…

First of all, have any of these spurned gamblers ever bothered for one moment to think that perhaps the only reason these people even won the lotto was because this jinx didn’t have any of his cursed money in on this wager??? Or that the only reason they are not getting a taste of this bounty might be because he was the office asshole and the second they got a chance to screw him over, they all took it???

I also wonder how it is that not one of these groups have thought it prudent to perhaps sketch out a simple charter with some rules clearly stating that the only way to taste the money is to make sure you have cash in the pot. They have not even bothered to have the ohio-lottery-mega-millionsconversation…

And this shit happens a couple times a year.

(To be honest, I am kind of shocked that offices still allow this nonsense to be going on in the workplace at all… seems like it is a recipe for disasters… like imagine if this clown loses the suit against his co-workers and decides to sue his job as it was their fault (again, I am making an assumption) he had been injured in the first place… an injury which kept him from obtaining his taste of the jackpot… And don’t go rolling your eyes… if you can sue because inhaling smoke isn’t good for you then you can sue because your job hurt you which kept you from being able to gamble)


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