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Reborn babies

I heard about this on the radio and it was so fucking mind blowing it prompted me to do some further research.  There is apparently this whole cult of womyn out there who are collecting fake babbies.

No, not fake babies like little grrls play with.  That would be odd, but by no means creepy or mind blowing.  By fake babies, what I mean is fake fucking babies.

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Blago Gets Impeached!

Ya know… you have to admire the balls on Blagojevich.  Standing in the face of a pending criminal indightement, getting thrown out of office, and maybe the end of his political career he did not flinch or waver.  In the echo of the tapes attained by the US attorney where the soon to be removed governor attempting to wheel and deal the vacated seat of Obama, he proclaimed his innocence.

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Are Viruses Making Us Fat?

And we all thought those slump breakers were harmless…

For years, broads have told me that it is not their fault that they are big fat fatties.  And while it may very well have nothing to do with their thyroid, it may very well actually be a medical issue causing them to get fat.

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Gay Marriage....

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